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Admissions 2017 & 2018

Admissions 2018

Welcome to St Peter's!  If you are interested in applying for a place here at St Peter's for September 2018, fantastic!  You will find out tonnes of information about our school on this website, but the best way to get a feel of the place is to come and see it in action for yourself!  This year, we are not having a set 'Open Day' but instead if you contact the school office, we will find the best opportunity to show you around at a convenient time and enable you to ask any questions and find out all about us.  Simply give us a call on 01257 262625, email Mrs Brocken at or just pop into the office during school hours and we will get you booked in.


Admissions for 2018 can be made via the Lancashire County Council Website (Click here to visit the site) from 4th September  2017 until the closing date on 15th January 2018. As we are a church school, we also kindly ask that you complete a supplementary information form and return this directly to school - a copy can be found at the bottom of this page.


A copy of our admissions policy can also be found below but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Admissions 2017

Thank you for showing an interest in applying for a place at St Peter's!


If your child turns 4 before 1st September 2017, the admissions process has now closed.

Go to to find out how to make a late application.


If you want to find out more about St Peter's, or are interested in coming for a look around, please don't hesitate about getting in touch.  Give us a call and we can find a time that suits us both.


The school number is 01257 262625.  You can also email our headteacher, Mr Holmes at




If you wish to apply for a place for any other year group within school, please contact the school office to check availability and arrange a visit.

We look forward to hearing from you!  


Our 2017 Admissions Criteria

Admission procedures

Arrangements for admission have been agreed following consultation between the governing body, the Diocesan Board of Education, Local Authorities and other admissions authorities in the area. 


The number of places available for admission to the Reception class in the year 2017 will be a maximum of 45.

The governing body will not place any restrictions on admissions to the reception class unless the number of children for whom admission is sought exceeds their admission number.  By law, no infant class may contain more than thirty children.  The Governing Body operates a system of equal preferences under which they consider all preferences equally and the Local Authority notifies parents of the result. In the event that there are more applicants than places, after admitting all children with a statement of educational need naming the school, the governing body will allocate places using the criteria below, which are listed in order of priority.


1.    (a)    Children in public care.   

This includes any "looked after child" and any child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order.


(b)   Children with special medical or social circumstances affecting the child where these needs can only be met at this school.

Professional supporting evidence from a professional, eg a doctor, psychologist, social worker, is essential if admission is to be made under the criterion for special medical or social circumstances, and such evidence must set out the particular reasons why the school is question is the most suitable school and the difficulties which would be caused if the child had to attend another school.


2. Children who have a sibling attending the school on the date of application and on the date of admission.

Siblings include step, half, foster, adopted brothers and sisters living at the same address.


3.  Children whose parents live within the ecclesiastical parish of Saint Peter Chorley or whose parents live outside the ecclesiastical parish but have a parent/guardian worshipping in a church in full membership of Churches Together in England and Wales or the Evangelical Alliance.

From these two groups, one list by distance will be compiled.

A map showing the boundaries is available in the school brochure. 

Children with a parent/guardian worshipping in a church in full membership of Churches Together in England or the Evangelical Alliance.

"Parental worshipping" is normally taken to mean a minimum of monthly attendance at church at public worship for over at least the 12 months leading up to the 1st September 2015.

The governors will request confirmation of this from the relevant member of the clergy or church officer.

The lists of Churches can be found on the Churches Together in England website at, and for the Evangelical Alliance at;  lists are taken as on 1st September 2012.   Churches in membership of the equivalent bodies to CTE in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are equally accepted


4.    Other Children


Our Admissions Policy for 2018

If you wish to apply to St Peter's on the grounds of faith, a copy of the supplementary information form can be found at the bottom of our Admissions Policy.