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The BEST of the BEST!

Joe in Class 10 wrote a powerful piece of writing in role as the character Mr Evans from our class text 'King of the Sky'.......
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Finlay in class 4 has written an excellent description of the features you will find in a mosque! 
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Wow Keeley! A wonderful, thought provoking description of anger, inspired by reading 'Pandora's Box'.
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Class 3 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Class 3 - Jack and the Beanstalk 1
Class 3 - Jack and the Beanstalk 2



Picture 1 Aleena's Theseus in the labyrinth
Picture 2 Aleena page 2
Picture 3 Melissa's fight with the minotaur
Picture 4 Melissa page 2
Picture 5 Nandie's fight with the minotaur
Picture 6 Nandie page 2


An amazing piece of writing to completely encapsulate our Friendship Week.

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Finley from Class 6 (Year 2) has produced some superb writing showing fantastic progress.
Class 11 have used images from Shaun Tan's book 'The Arrival' to transport themselves into the lives of an immigrant. We discussed why people move away from a country and what emotions that must create. We learnt about the Irish Famine and potato blight and discussed the similarities and differences with immigration today. This writing tried to capture an individual's story - it's amazing!
Picture 1 Ammaarah
Picture 2 Seth
Picture 3 Michael
Picture 4 Sadiyah
Picture 5 Sadiyah page 2
Picture 1 Millie
Picture 2 Millie page 2
Picture 3 Joshua
Picture 4 Keeley
Picture 1 Oscar
Picture 2 Olivia Stanley
Picture 3 Olivia page 2
Picture 1 Jade's story for Handa's Surprise
Picture 2 Jade put herself in the story
Rowan McSweeny's amazing writing about Handa's Suprise! 
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