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Attendance and Holidays

Parents should know that from September 2013, leave can only be permitted in "exceptional circumstances".  A request form must be completed (at least 2 weeks prior to the leave) and reasons  must be clearly stated.  Should permissions not be granted, then should the leave be more than 5 days and taken, then each adult with parental responsibility (including step parents) will be issued with a penalty notice.  It is important to request leave before holidays are booked to avoid the £120 fines per child for each adult.

Please use the attached form should you wish to request leave of absence for a pupil at school.  Please note, permissions will only be granted in "exceptional circumstances"



School may require proof that leave cannot be booked at any other time and that the reasons for the leave are significant. 

Other factors are also taken into consideration such as the impact of absence on a pupil's learning if they are in receipt of additional support, have attendance below 95% and are settling into routines at the start of a year.  School will not grant leave of absence during assessment periods/SATs week unless the circumstances for the leave are proven to be significant.

Each application is considered on its own merit and within the guidelines of the governor approved policy.