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If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Miss R Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs M Eastham (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs T Bolton (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Miss Blackburn (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

St Peter's participates in Operation Encompass. Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, school will be advised that the child has been involved. Please see school website for further details.

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Class 10

Class 10 have been thinking about their time at St. Peter's:


What St Peters has done for me?

By Katy Harding

St Peters has given me an education. It helps us make friends and meet new people and become who I am today. It has helped me in many ways I can hardly explain.

When I joined St Peters I was shy and didn’t know how to fit in, after soon making more friends I became more confident and less shy. My friends gave me confidence so I became more myself and that helped me make many more friends than I thought would.

I found maths difficult therefore I thought I couldn’t do it and gave up until some teachers took me out into a group and helped me to understand what to do. I eventually understood and got a lot better at maths.

As a result I moved up to the next class full of excitement and confidence.

Despite my lack of correct spelling I got on well with my new teacher and she liked my confidence level and encouraged me to do even better in writing, reading excreta I got better and better but my confidence level got lower and lower.

Moving on to the top class we were meant to set an example to everyone else. I didn’t know how to do that until I knew that Mrs Kirk would be teaching us. She gave me the confidence I needed and I got happier with all my new friends that make me laugh I became who I wanted to be I didn’t want to be a copy of someone so I became an original. With all the help my teachers, friends and family I became who I wanted to be and I wouldn’t let anyone change that.

So in many ways everyone who I’ve ever met has helped me become who I am today.

Sports Day

Year 6 set up all the equipment and led all the activities. They showed all year groups what to do and gave fantastic teaching points. All the staff said how amazing they were! They gave every child in our school a superb sport experience and they really passed on their knowledge to the younger ones. Well done - I'm so proud of you all. The way you interacted and supported the Infants was especially lovely. Thanks for letting in a few 'fake' goals!! It made the Reception children's day!! 

Class 10 have been gripped by Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. We wrote letters from Lady Macbeth in reply to her husband's tidings foretold by the 'three weird sisters'. We aged our paper to resemble parchment and used quill pens and sealed our letter with a wax 'M'.
We have also written a soliloquy for Macbeth around the point which he starts to become extremely anxious and unbalanced as he plots against any witnesses to his murderous crime. Enjoy our soliloquies and then Jack also wrote one for Lady Macbeth as she too started to descend into madness because of her part in the crime.

Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy by Jack Quinn


I only wanted to be Queen. Why did it come to this? My dear husband is drowning in pain – but it was me – why should I be so black hearted? Hath I no soul, shalt I go to hell? I shalt make it quick. I can’t live with what I’ve done. Why shalt I live with pain and sorrow. My life is nothing! I am ashamed. Death will unshame me.


We are working towards an exciting history project to be displayed at Astley Hall, investigating soldiers from Chorley Pals who died in the First World War. Volunteers from Chorley Family History came into school to help us research the soldiers on the 1911 census and through their military records available on line.


We will carry on our research as many lived in the same streets as us. Many were textile mill workers and we would like to understand more about their lives in chorley at this time.


We will be making small teddy bears to remember the Farnell teddy bears which were given to soldiers as a keepsake to remind the men of their loved ones at home. There are moving stories of teddy bears being returned to families but without their owners. 

Class 10 visited Chorley Magistrate Courts to participate in a pretend court case. We acted out the principal parts of defendant, victim, witnesses, 3 magistrates, legal advisor, prosecutor and defence lawyer. 


Angel Yob has been accused of assaulting an old lady and stealing her handbag. 4 witnesses including the defendant are called to give their statements. From questions asked by the prosecutor, defence lawyer and the magistrates, the whole court can decide if angle Yob is guilty or not guilty. She has pleaded 'not guilty' to the crime.


Class 10 enjoyed finding out how a real court worked and who were the principal protagonists. We visited the holding cells and experienced the rules and protocol of court proceedings.


In the end, our 3 magistrates, (Adnaan, Anna and Dylan) had no choice but to find Angle Yob not guilty due to inconsistencies in the witness statements. Angel Yob (Ela) can heave a sigh of relief!

Class 10 have celebrated the Passover Meal as part of our Easter events. We have learnt about the significance of all the ingredients of the Seder plate; bitter herbs to represent the bitter, hard life of the Israelites, the lamb shankbone to represent God's arm of protection, an egg and spring greens to symbolise new life, Charoset to taste the sweet things in life and salted water to remember the tears of the slaves during the time before Moses.

Wow! What a successful night the Quiz team had at Southlands High School. Around 15 primary schools took part in the league which started last Autumn. 7 children took part in the leagues and just look what we won!

Runner up League Champions.

Winner League Specialist Rounds.

Science Specialist Round Winner.


And yes! We were overall Grand Final Quiz winners!! We are so proud of all the team:

Jake Snape

Lily Simpson

Anna Bonehill

Aaliyah Springer

Adam Scott

Connor Eastham

Adnaan Khansaheb


Wow! What a start to our Technology week. Visitors from Ultimaker Create brought in a 3-d printer and we were amazed to watch it build up layers of PLA (polylactic acid) to make a robot figure. It took around 25 minutes to print. We learnt that items such as the skull could take up to 18 hours to print! 

Michelle showed us 3-d prints of knee-joints and other bones that surgeons use before operations. Recently, a tiny baby girl had a successful heart operation with the help of a 3-d model of her heart which had been made from a scan. The surgeon could practise and study the model before he operated. Amazing how great technology can affect our lives. 

Class 10 are loving learning the guitar with the help of our specialist from Lancashire Music Service. What a great opportunity and we can't wait for Wednesdays! 

Watch our progress on our videos. This is only our second lesson. Watch out for updates to see how much we progress.

Guitar lessons

Still image for this video

My Movie3.mp4

Still image for this video

Guitar lessons

Still image for this video


We are so lucky to have a P.E. specialist to come into our P.E.lessons and teach us the skills for Tag Rugby. We're having a great time.


Class 10 have written newspaper articles about the situation in Ukraine and the shooting down of the aeroplane MH17. This helped us expand our work in geography as we need to know and place European countries and especially be able to locate Russia. 

Our new group of Money Mentors led the class through a lesson on 'Budgeting'. Connor, Jake, Ela and Victoria, taught us what a budget is and why they are important for people on many levels; personal, family, school and even national budgets.

They were great teachers and then they went to Class 9 to teach them.

The Junior Christmas Performance - 'Christmas Truce', moved many people as we remembered the Chorley Pals who gave their lives for us during the First World War. Our theme was the miraculous football game played with the Germans on Christmas Day 1914.

In history, Class 10 have studied the Neolithic ruins of a village called Skara Brae on the island of Orkney. We have even built fireplaces and shelves which can still be seen at this amazing site built over 3000 years ago.

It took teamwork and perseverance! 

4 children from Class 10 have been trained by the Debt Advice Foundation to help Year 6 children understand how we manage money and the reasons for debt. Adam, Aaliyah, Anna and Adnaan have shown through a powerpoint, diaries and discussion, how common it is for adults to accumulate debt. We discussed what we could do to help especially around Christmas time when our families have extra spending. 


The next challenge is to teach this lesson again to Class 9 to help them consider our 'needs and wants' and the demands this places on money. 


The children made excellent teachers. There was lots of discussion and the diaries of 2 young people helped especially, to understand the pressures we can put on our parents.

Class 10 have loved, challenged and inspired our new children and themselves. We have shown love by helping our new reception children to settle in and feel loved and welcomed to St Peter's. We have challenged ourselves by looking at the artist Keith Haring who has helped us to create a great new classroom. We made Keith Haring clay figures and even sculpted figures out of screwed up paper and masking tape. This artist has inspired us with motivational quotes which will help us when the going gets tough!

Class 10 had 3 very special visitors today; Kim, Zebedee and Bonnie, our sponsored guide dogs. We learned so much about they're training. Coming into school helps them to meet lots of people and know that school is a friendly place.
Nicola Davies, author of 'The Promise' which we are reading in Class 10, came to our class! She was amazed at our work so far. We're loving reading 'The Promise'.
Reading buddies for Classes 1 and 2 - for 'Friendship Week' we have visited our friends in Reception and heard everyone read. The children gave Year 6 a tour of the classroom and then we enjoyed the outdoor area together!
Next we visited Classes 6 and 7 during 'Friendship Week' and became teachers! we wanted to share our own learning and teach them the days of the week. We chanted and taught them the correct pronunciation, we played a pairs game matching English and French and then taught them a song, 'La semaine'. We even gave them homework - a word search to find days of the week in French!