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Class 4

We have started to write a the story "Hermit the Crab needs a new home". We focussed on different sentence starters and using similes. Thomas, Zara and Adam have written a fantastic start to their stories using all the features we have focussed on! 
Finlay has written an excellent description of the features you will find in a mosque! 
Today we read part of Billy's bucket. We read up to Billy looking into his bucket and shouting "WOW!". The children then looked into our bucket and wrote a description about they can see! Have a look at some of our descriptions! 
In class 4, we have been learning about the Easter story as part of Holy Week in school.  Here are some great examples of some of the children's retell writing of the last supper. 
Minnie and Lulu have written a Winter poem explaining what Winter means to them! 
Jenny wrote a fantastic predication about what she thought the noise was in 'The Hunter' story!