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Class 7

Open up these documents to find out what The Enormous Crocodile did for 'Clever Trick Number 5'. Here's a super one form Caitlyn.


Clever Trick Number Five by Caitlyn Males

“Drat!” I have failed the fourth time again snorted the crocodile. “I have got a plan,” he grunted angrily. “I have got the best plan ever that will not fail.”

The Enormous crocodile disguised himself as a cotton candy seller. “This will not fail and those nasty ,horrible and sneaky animals won’t be able to stop me.” So he waited and waited until the children came and get some cotton candy.

“Ha,ha,ha, just wait till those children come and I’ll gulp them up in one gollop,” sniggered  the sneaky crocodile. Just at that moment, some little happy children came and one of them said “My turn first to get some cotton candy,” shouted a little girl.

Suddenly all of the animals came in and squished the Enormous crocodile but one of them declared, “I will turn you into crocodile pasta.”

Immediately, the sneaky and cruel crocodile waddled off into the muddy, leafy and wild jungle and he was not seen again.


Here's James Peet's:



By James Peet

“Drat! That’s the fourth time I’ve failed but now this will work,” snorted the enormous crocodile.”

Next the crocodile saw a roller coaster.

Then he saw the manager for the roller coaster measuring children on the wooden crocodile and it was 170cm tall. “Now for clever trick number 5,” sneered the crocodile. The sneaky crocodile knew that he was 170cm tall.

So he disguised himself as a measuring stick. A boy came and stood against him. All of a sudden, Humpy-Rumpy barged into him and shouted, “That’s not a measuring stick that’s the Enormous Crocodile and he wants to eat you up”.

As quick as a flash, Trunky came running and stood on the croc. After that the Roly-Poly bird picked him up and threw him at a baker who cleverly made him in to crocodile mash. After all the trouble had ended all the animals went back home.