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KS2 Geocaching

UKS2 have been having a great time geocaching in the school grounds.  They had to use their GPS devices to hunt for the missing clues.  The clues were jigsaw pieces of a map of Chorley, which needed to be put back together.  They developed their Geography fieldwork skills as well as showing fantastic team work!


James thought:

"I thought it was really good because it makes everyone work together and even if you weren't the first team to find all the clues, you still had fun!"


Alannah said:

"I liked using the GPS devices because it shows you where to go, but you also need to use your vision and common sense to find the hidden clue.  My team were the first to find all the clues and piece the map together!"

The staff have been busy learning how to Geocache!  Geocaching is a digital treasure hunt that uses a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to hunt for hidden treasures or clues.  It supports the development of a range of Geography fieldwork skills as well as navigational techniques.  It can also be used to enhance many other areas of the curriculum.

Everyone is now excited to try it out with the pupils in their class.  Keep a look out for photos appearing here soon of classes trying it out!