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Lower KS2

Cedar Class also had a fabulous time mirroring the jobs done by Hawthorn. We particularly liked the fresh lemonade🍋.

"Yes Chef!"

What a fabulous experience - we cooked a British menu based on local produce.

We started with each baking a mini cottage loaf and squeezed lemons to make lemonade.

We chopped swede, carrot and onion to accompany pork with onion and sliced apple.

We mixed a lovely Eton Mess; fruit, creme fraiche and crushed meringues - yummy!

Surprisingly, the seasonal vegetables were sprinkled with curry powder and it made them scrummy! So many of us had never tasted swede before and we loved it.

Making Our Cam Mechanisms

CAMS Initial Investigation



Hawthorn have been exploring how a cam mechanism can create movement. We have analysed real examples of working cams to find the axle, follower, cam and slider. We made a simple basic example to help us understand how it works, how it can be made to work better and the difference in cam shapes.


Now we have designed our 2 characters which will illustrate the Aesop Fable we are studying in literacy. We know which materials we would like to use and have considered the decoration element required in design.


We have researched some common stationary products to find out who and when they were invented and discussed why. What was their function and what disadvantages to the product means they may be redesigned or replaced.



Making our cams based on The Ostrich and the Penguin Aesop Fable.

Lots of problem solving to make our cams work and some brilliant decoration.

Hawthorn's finished cams for 'The Ostrich and the Penguin'.