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Welcome to Music at St. Peter's


Music plays a central part to life here at St. Peter's. It has been at the heart of many different events that have occurred at St. Peter’s school. Over the past academic year, our music curriculum has expanded and given the children wonderful opportunities and experiences.


We have a stimulating, rich and varied Music curriculum which covers a whole range of musical genres, so that children learn to appreciate a whole range of different styles of music, different instruments and different ways of making music.


Children enjoy learning to play several different instruments, including the ocarina, ukulele, recorder and percussion. Furthermore, Maple, Beech  and  Oak (Years 4, 5 and 6 children) benefit from specialist music tuition from Lancashire Music Service. 


Singing goes from strength to strength at St. Peter’s. Over the years the choir has performed at a variety of venues, including Manchester Arena, The Guild Hall in Preston, Westholme Independent School and more locally Fosterfields Day Centre which is just along the road from school. 


We give the children opportunities to experience live music whenever possible - their reactions to these experiences are wonderful to see!










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Hawthorn Class love learning their ocarina instrument. This is a 4 holed wind instrument originally from south America.

We have learned new songs each session, played as soloists, duets, quartets and as a whole orchestra.

We have learnt a new game with 'Twinkle Twinkle' during which a child counts us in when another child is tapped on the shoulder, they must stop playing. It's nerve-wracking for the last person playing!

We have played as a 4 group round for 'London's Burning'.

We follow oc-pix notation which has moved on from ocarina shape to squares. Today we learnt how to keep a beat of 4 with a semi-breve.

Our songs so far:

Twinkle Little Star

Happy Birthday

London's Buring

Frere Jacques

Old MacDonald

Yankee Doodle

Au Clair de la Lune

Little Bird





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Glockenspiels in Cedar Class! We listened to the music and followed the notation.

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Maple, Beech and Oak class Christmas Music performance


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Gayle Coleman came to tell us about amazing opportunities that are available for children to learn to play musical instruments or to be part of a choir.

Chorley Music Centre is run by Lancashire Music Service. It is based at Southlands High School and tuition takes place every Monday between 3.30pm and 7pm. 

Details for Music Tuition from Lancashire Music Service.

Our final performance of the year was our Summer Concert for our families. Here are a few snapshots and videos from our rehearsals!

Almond class have been writing and composing their own music and playing it on their xylophone 🎼

Composition. The children in Elder have worked together to create a simple piece of music using tuned and untuned instruments. We recorded our music on paper and after rehearsing, we performed our tunes to the rest of the class.


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Emojinal Health Concert -Preston Guild Hall November 28th 2018. We took 47 children to perform at this event, organised by Child Action North West. We sang with Hayley Eccles who was a contestant on The Voice. We really enjoyed our chance to Let our light shine! as our school vision encourages us to do.

Rock Kidz are with us all week!

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We are having our very own rock concert in school! We are working hard to make sure that we are ready for our fans when we perform live later this week!

Class 7 are learning to play the ocarina.

Reception children in class 2 have been investigating sound through different instruments.

Class 2 have also been learning to play their instruments in time with the music.

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We took a choir of year 5 and 6 children to Manchester Arena to join in with Young Voices - the world's largest choir! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were an asset to the school! 😃🎤

Christmas music assembly

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Class 11 are enjoying learning to play the guitar! We're having a fantastic time learning new skills.


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Class 8 are learning to play the ocarina. Can you guess which tune they are playing?
Year 6 have spent the day using our chords, Em, E, Am, A, C, G, D and F to start to compose a short piece of music. We worked individually as well as in 3's and pairs. We repeated our musical sentence for added effect.


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Wow! This morning the the school and parents were treated to a brilliant musical performance by the children in classes 9,10 and 11! The children sang lots of different songs whilst playing guitars and ukuleles! Thank you to all children for their hard work and a huge thank you to Michael for his dedication to teaching the children! 


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Year 6 are continuing learning the guitar. To enhance our songs, 'Rolling in the Deep' and  'By the Way', we have also accompanied the guitars with keyboard and percussion instruments. We will be performing for the whole school and parents on 25th May.

Here’s class 1 learning about Rhythm and how to interpret music through dance. 

Class 2 have learnt about different musical instruments through Charranga