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Parent Questionnaire

Parent Questionnaire 2014

In March this year we sent a questionnaire to every family asking them to tell us what they thought about St Peter's.  78 families returned the questionnaire which is the highest return we have had, so thank you!  

We value our parent's opinions and are delighted that so many families are happy with the work of the school.


Here are the results:

Percentage of parents who agree or strongly agree:


My child feels happy and safe in school: 99%
My Child knows they can turn to an adult for help should they need it: 95%
The school encourages my child to be independent and self-sufficient: 94% (5% didn't know)
The school has high expectations and encourages my child to work to their best ability: 96%
I feel welcome in school: 98%
The school encourages parental support: 99%
The school's ethos and worship is distinctly Christian: 94% (6% didn't know)
The daily active worship encourages my child to reflect upon Christian values: 88% (8% didn't know)
My child is set work at an appropriate level and challenges them to think: 96%
My child is set an appropriate amount of homework: 83%
Homework enables my child to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills: 95%
My child enjoys the learning and is encouraged to share their learning with me: 100%
I am well informed of the progress my child is making in school: 90%
I know what my child needs to do to make further progress in their learning: 94%
The school is well led and managed: 87% (7% didn't know)
My child is encouraged to make healthy choices: 95% (4% didn't know)
My child is taught how to stay safe and be healthy: 96% (4% didn't know)
The children are well behaved in school and there are high expectations of pupil behaviour: 88% (6% didn't know)
My child is taught to have respect for others: 99%
There are a good range of extra-curricular activities: 80% (11% didn't know)
My child is given praise when they achieve or work hard: 94% (5% didn't know)
The school values good attendance and punctuality: 99%
The website is informative about the life of the school: 96% (4% didn't know)
The newsletter is informative: 98%
The school seeks the views of children: 83% (15% didn't know)


We feel that the results are really positive overall and also give us some clear areas that we need to develop.

We are taking a closer look at a couple of areas which families have identified for clarification / development.  The first is homework and the second is extra-curricular activities.  We shall be inviting further feedback on these shortly.

As a number of areas also suggest parents want to / need to know more, we shall be informing parents about our work on Christian values and how we seek the views of children within school. (As this is something that is done frequently through the use of our school council, pupil attitude questionnaires and pupil interviews, which take place annually with a focus on each curriculum subject.)