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The children were challenged to find out which rock would be the best to create a building which would last for over 200 years. We used our nails, a metal knife and a wooden stick to carry out a comparable test.

From the chocolate sedimentary rocks we made previously, we used heat and pressure to form a metamorphic chocolate rock. Then following an extensive period of time in the fridge during half term, we used heat and pressure to form the chocolate into spheres. Once they had re-solidified, we cut them open to see the layers which we would see in a metamorphic rock.

To reinforce our understanding of rock types, we made our own sedimentary rocks using layers of chocolate.

As part of scientific enquiry, we grouped and classified a selection of rocks based on our own criteria.

We classified rocks as igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic then sorted a selection of cakes and chocolate into the same categories, based on their features, to reinforce our learning. Once we’d correctly classified them, we were able to eat them!

We used the easi-scopes and iPads to make scientific drawings of a collection of rocks.