Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors, and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Miss R Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs S Nelson (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs T Bolton (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Miss Blackburn (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

St Peter's participates in Operation Encompass. Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, school will be advised that the child has been involved. Please see school website for further details.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here. SAFEGUARDING POLICY

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Social, Moral and Cultural Education

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We have been fundraising for Children in Need. We came to school in spotty clothes in exchange for a donation and had a cake sale at the end of the day. We had a visit from Pudsey to say thank you for our support.

Year 6 have been thinking about our time at St. Peter's - 7 years in total. Here are some of our reflections.

What has St. Peter’s done for me?

St. Peter’s has been 7 memorable years. It all starts back in Class 2, where my journey began. My teacher was Mrs Taylor. At the start I didn’t really have much confidence but it soon all changed; I’ve made lots of friends on my journey.

In the Infants we used to play in the sand and explore the outside. As I moved up the school, I made more friends but it became challenging in maths and literacy but the teachers always helped me.

I have competed in lots of different things like football, rounders and many more sports. There have been lots of after school clubs, school trips and trips to Robinwood. But as my journey comes to an end – I have to thank all the teachers and friends as I have changed for the best. I have become the best I can be, I have worked hard and helped others. I have done all that St. Peter’s has asked of me.

Tyler Doherty


What has St. Peter’s done for me?

Wow! What an amazing 7 years I’ve had here at St. Peter’s; ups and downs, to and fros.

It all started in Class 1 where the foundations were laid and I started to become me. I started easy; learning to use manners, quite simple you’d say but as some would say ‘It’s all about the base’.

Then in Year 3 I met one of my favourite teachers; she just had that natural ability. I think doing the Egyptians in Year 3 really helped because I realised not everything was going to be done for me, moreover, I started to be more independent and think for myself.

Alternatively, I’ve done a lot for St. Peter’s like competing in competitions (and winning them … of course!) Moreover, I’ve tried to be the best person I can by encouraging and smiling every day. Consequently, I’ve built good relationships with a few of the adults around school.

That’s it; the memory of a goldfish emptied! And now I’d just like to say a few thank yous to all the people who have helped me through my education; and of course all my friends who have stuck with me through the years.

Benjamin Lee



What has St Peter's done for me?

From reception to Year 6, I have felt welcome. When I walked through the school gates on my first day I felt a warm feeling of care and love. My life changed when I came to St Peter's, the world felt open to me. I started off with no friends but that soon changed ...

I became 'bff's' with Lizzie; we loved to play with the cars on the carpet and we absolutely loved painting (we were the messiest!)


I am in Year 6 now and it is so sad to think of leaving this wonderful school. It feels funny to be in year 6; it's not hard in year 6, it's easy. I have a lovely teacher; she has given me so much confidence in every lesson.

I have been in the quiz team and in some after school clubs. I have raised money to help the school and for charity. As an individual I have helped the school by doing 'the bog-eyed jog'; raising money for guide dogs.

Consequently, I feel like I will do well at high school because I have been confident throughout St Peter's and I have helped school and I have helped it to be a lovely place for education.

Gypsy Nightingall


What has St Peter’s done for me?

St. Peter’s has helped me a lot. At the start I couldn’t read and now I can. I will never forget my one and only primary school, I’m so glad I came here.

I am so proud of this school for everything they have done for me and the other children in the past. There’s lots of memories in my mind that are great. I will never forget this school.

I was shy at the start and the teachers helped me to speak to people. I walk through my classroom door with a big smile on my face. My teachers have supported me every step of the way. If you do something nice for the teachers, the teachers will be nice back. Treat someone as you would like to be treated – that’s our saying in our school. Our moto is ‘Love, Challenge and Inspire’.

In my work, I have worked my absolute hardest and the teachers are proud of me. I try to be a positive person. My progress has become better and better since the Infants. I just want to say a massive thankyou to the staff who have supported me over the past 7 years: Mrs Taylor, Mrs Eastham, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Kirk, Mrs McClellan, Miss Bird and lots more.

I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Nicole Smallshaw 


What has St Peter's done for me?

The first day of primary I was scared, nervous, tense. Stepping through the school doors, I was flustered with rosy cheeks, nothing in my mind but mixed emotions. Emotions that every child in the same class as me would feel.

Here I am, my first day at St Peter's, holding my sister's hand - with her by my side everything seemed that little bit better. Even though I was timid and shy, I slowly began to make friends which was a big thing for me. I remember playing and exploring in the class garden with Kaytlin, Ebony and Keira. We are still best buddies.

Starting my journey, the years went faster, the work got harder. I grew up fast which I couldn't have done without St Peter's; they have done so much for me like making me enjoy the good things in life e.g. clubs - football, cricket, athletics and many more.

Henceforward, I'm in year 6 now and life couldn't be better. Re-writing my memories makes me smile. If I now compare myself to my experiences through primary, I'm mind-blown, starting at school with nothing in my head, to me now - that I'm confident.

Alternatively, I think I have returned the favour, not just for school but for me as well, by taking part in everything offered and trying my best every day.

I'd just like to say a massive thank you! To all the teachers, especially Mrs Kirk, Miss Bird, Mrs Eastham and Mrs McGuinness for helping me to grow in confidence throughout my education. Thank you!

I will always try to love, challenge and inspire!

Jamielee Smallshaw


After my first day, I knew this was the place for me. I've had many adventures at St Peter's; I've had my ups and downs.

I was a bit shy on the first day but Benjamin introduced himself to me and henceforward we were friends.

There have been lots of great experiences to talk about but like Mrs Kirk (my year 3 and 6 teacher) taught me, I have to pick my peaches! St Peter's has helped me carry on making friends, and gave us many trips. My first trip was to a farm; I loved it.

My favourite subject is maths although it wasn't in the early years. I wasn't confident but through the years I got taught more so I know more and my maths was really strong by year 2.

I'm very excited about high school but I will miss St Peter's. They have given me a very educational childhood. I have repaid school by always trying my best. St Peter's has given me the boost and, furthermore, I'm now ready for high school. Thank you St Peter's. I will miss you.

Matthew Howarth

4 more Year 6 have been trained as Money Mentors with Debt Aware Management and delivered their lesson on savings and payments. A great way to make us think about using money sensibly, and our teachers were professional with excellent subject knowledge.

Year 6 have been reflecting on what St. Peter's has meant to them:


What St Peter’s has done for me?


My entire St Peter’s experience has been so memorable I don’t think I will be able to fit all my thoughts into such a small space but here I go…

In the first place, I started in class 2. I loved it! We use to play outside and sing songs. My teacher Mrs Becka was one of the most encouraging and helpful teachers you could ask for. I knew as soon as I walked through that door I would make friends so fast and in fact they are still my close friends now.

I’m in year 6 now and I couldn’t ask for anything better I have a teacher that has taught me once before but she doesn’t know how thankful I am. Despite when I have been putting myself down Mrs Kirk has always been truthful and made me more confident in myself. As a result, her teaching has boosted my levels. When I started in class 10 my level was a 4 and now in a 5.

This just shows I’m so thankful for what Mrs Kirk and St Peter’s have done for me. We have been on trips to help us learn about other faiths and sometimes just for education; I enjoyed them all?

So I may not have included all but I have ‘picked my peaches’ on the parts that are most important. St Peters has given me so many experiences and challenges so I will help to show my gratitude to the school and all the teachers that have taught me.

Although St Peter’s has done a lot for me I have done quite a lot for it too. I have competed in quizzes and sporting events such as rounders athletics and many more. I have made products for displays and one of the most important thing is I made people smile which is what matters most.

Thank you-all of you!                                         By Aaliyah springer  

What super teachers Year 6 are, making lovely Reading Buddies for Reception children. This is our last visit before we leave! Thankyou Class 10 for showing such care and patience. 

Sports Day

Year 6 set up all the equipment and led all the activities. They showed all year groups what to do and gave fantastic teaching points. All the staff said how amazing they were! They gave every child in our school a superb sport experience and they really passed on their knowledge to the younger ones. Well done - I'm so proud of you all. The way you interacted and supported the Infants was especially lovely. Thanks for letting in a few 'fake' goals!! It made the Reception children's day!! 

Thank you to all the children who helped us to support the charity 'Click Sargent' by wearing a wig or decorating their hair. There were some fabulous hair styles!

Look out for our photographs in the Chorley Guardian!

Remembering Chorley Pals lost during the Battle of Festubert 1915.

The whole school have been remembering Chorley Pals who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Battle of Festubert 1915. In particular, we have remembered Alfred Blackledge, David Allison Gent, William Connolly and James Baxendale. All these men lived around the Eaves Lane area. Alfred Blackledge lived a 285 Eaves Lane and attended St. Peter's Church. James Baxendale lived in Harpers Lane and went to St. Joseph's Church. 

Each child in school has made a small teddy bear in remembrance, echoing the tradition during World War 1 to give a small teddy bear as a memento of home and of loved ones left behind. These bears were made by a company called Farnell and usually sat inside the soldiers top pocket. Their eyes were even positioned higher up than normal so the bear could look at his owner. 

This project has greatly helped all our children to learn and understand about what these young men went through in service to their country. The teddies and pieces of writing written by all years groups will be exhibited in Astley Hall Gallery as schools from the whole of Chorley remember and respect. Our writing has shown how thoughtful our children have been and how showing empathy to these fallen men is indicative of their respect and love.


We will remember Chorley Pals who died in the Battle of Festubert 1915!

Class 8 Making Bears! We will remember them.

Alan and Kim made another visit to school along with Sylvia, Marley and Harry. It is always a great pleasure to have our guide dog friends in school.

Class 10 have helped the younger children in school to become better writers. Class 6 came to our class to read their versions of Aesop Fables. Class 10 gave praise and advice to the writer; saying what they enjoyed and what they could include to make it better. They even marked the fables and as well as advice gave examples of how to do something e.g. correct use of speech marks.

Class 10 visited Chorley Magistrate Courts to participate in a pretend court case. We acted out the principal parts of defendant, victim, witnesses, 3 magistrates, legal advisor, prosecutor and defence lawyer. 


Angel Yob has been accused of assaulting an old lady and stealing her handbag. 4 witnesses including the defendant are called to give their statements. From questions asked by the prosecutor, defence lawyer and the magistrates, the whole court can decide if angle Yob is guilty or not guilty. She has pleaded 'not guilty' to the crime.


Class 10 enjoyed finding out how a real court worked and who were the principal protagonists. We visited the holding cells and experienced the rules and protocol of court proceedings.


In the end, our 3 magistrates, (Adnaan, Anna and Dylan) had no choice but to find Angle Yob not guilty due to inconsistencies in the witness statements. Angel Yob (Ela) can heave a sigh of relief!

Alan visited our school with his Guide Dog Kim. Their friends also came. They visited each class and answered all of our questions.

Class 4 did a 10 week course in sign language. They showed off their new skills in assembly and taught us how to sign the alphabet and our names.

We love our new playground markings. Thankyou PTFA!! Look at us enjoying our breaks. Playing well together and even learning our number facts.

St. Peter's is a school committed to dealing with bullying in all its forms!

4 children from Class 10 have been trained by the Debt Advice Foundation to help Year 6 children understand how we manage money and the reasons for debt. Adam, Aaliyah, Anna and Adnaan have shown through a powerpoint, diaries and discussion, how common it is for adults to accumulate debt. We discussed what we could do to help especially around Christmas time when our families have extra spending. 


The next challenge is to teach this lesson again to Class 9 to help them consider our 'needs and wants' and the demands this places on money. 


The children made excellent teachers. There was lots of discussion and the diaries of 2 young people helped especially, to understand the pressures we can put on our parents.

Thank you to everyone who dressed as a Superhero and helped to raise over £200 for Children in Need. Your costumes were fantastic!

Multi-Faith Remembrance Day Service

Reap What You Sow!


Mrs Kirk, Miss Blackburn and Mrs Simpson found a truly wonderful and inspiring book that had everyone hooked!

'The Promise' by Nicola Davies (award winning book 2014) inspired everyone to write and think about how we can all make a difference in our world. Take a look at some of the fantastic pieces of writing about the girl inside this book.  

The author has been so impressed with our children's work.

We have a surprise for the children later this term!

Watch this space!

Wow!! Author Nicola Davies visited our school! She was so impressed with the children's work she wanted to come in!

Classes 8-10 have based all our Literacy work around the theme of Peace and belonging in a community.

Meet Katy, Freddie and Rio. They are the Guide Dog puppies that we are sponsoring. We will look forward to regular updates on their training.

Look how much we have grown!

Class 3-5 Autumn 1 Overview

Classes 3,4 and 5 have been busy learning about Diwali. We had a dance workshop, made clay divas and had our hands decorated with Mendhi patterns. We made Rangoli patterns too!

Miss Khan told us all about how she celebrated Eid.

St Peter's really did 'Change the World'. We raised money for the 'Bishop's Fund' by baking and selling apple pies. Lisa Fenton collected the money we raised! Apple pies really can change the world.

Classes 6 and 7 Autumn Overview