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Sport @ St Peter's

Physical Education is an important part of our school life here at St Peter's. As part of the Olympic Legacy, the government provides funding for each school to spend on PE, Competition and Health and Wellbeing. Around £9000 was allocated to our school last year, and again this year.


What Happened in 2015-2016?

Last year we were able to spend the allocated money on a variety of different areas. The vast majority of the sum of money enabled us to be part of Chorley School Sports Partnership and we used specialist coaches alongside teachers to deliver PE lessons throughout the year. After school clubs were offered as a result of this throughout the year with different coaches, and staff.

A range of sporting activities were offered throughout the year; athletics, football, girls' football, cricket, girls' cricket, rounders, tag rugby, basketball, gymnastics, orienteering, multi skills, hockey, Taekwondo, ballroom dancing and tennis. 73% of KS2 children took part in after school clubs this year.

Pro soccer came into school to offer football skills to children in Reception and Year 1, this was an additional club aimed at increasing activities for the younger children of the school.

Competitions were entered against other schools in a variety of sports, such as athletics and squash, alongside weekly leagues in football, cricket and rounders.

Bike Ability at levels 1 and 2 was funded through this and was available for all of the Year 6 children as well as the learn to ride scheme for all reception children using balance bikes.

Training for Year 5 children in becoming PALS (lunchtime leaders) was provided through this funding, allowing a range of physical activities to be available at lunchtime.

Change for Life Club was also funded through the grant, allowing resources and training to be accessed and staff to be employed to deliver a high quality programme to targeted year 3 and 4 children. Change for Life takes principles and specific skills from a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports and placing them in a fun, vibrant and exciting activity club giving young people the confidence and competence to take part in lifelong physical activity. Children who participated in C4L then went on to take part in other after school activities.

Health and wellbeing is taught through PE, PSCHE and science in order for children to develop their knowledge and understanding further.

The funding also enabled staff at our school to have access to a range of professional development opportunities to ensure we are providing the best delivery of PE. Outdoor adventurous activity (OAA) training was undertaken and the school grounds were mapped out to allow children to have full access to orienteering, OAA was taught throughout KS2 this year. We are very lucky to have access to a large field and woodland area that has been used when orienteering.

Funding has also been used to transport children to athletics competitions this year which allowed children to access competition at a higher level.

 We welcomed Stuart Robinson a Paralympian into our school as a visitor who gave an inspirational talk and workshop for the whole school and raised money towards helping children achieve success who have the potential of reaching Olympic level. Some of the monies raised also went back into our school to purchase new PE equipment.


How did this make a difference to our children?

Children’s enjoyment of Physical education this year is clearly evident, with pupils saying how much they enjoyed PE lessons and how PE was one of their favourite lessons. Children had access to a wider range of sports, such as tag rugby and taekwondo and every sports club was oversubscribed. Participation in after school clubs, including league games, also increased on last year, with many children wanting to take part in more than one of the sports offered. Through creative courses we brought in Blackburn Rovers trained coaches to deliver extra sporting activities, such as, football, basketball, bench ball and cricket which allowed children throughout KS2 to work together in mixed age groups to learn new skills.

Taekwondo was offered to children from Year 2 upwards this year to offer a different sort of club to target those children who don’t get involved with net and wall sports. This is run by a 6th Dan instructor and has been hugely successful with a full club of 30 children attending weekly and a waiting list. Children have earned their yellow belt and green tag belt and are now working towards their green belt. The feedback from children and parents has been extremely positive and this will continue next year.

C4L was hugely successful again this year with all children involved in C4L joining other after school clubs including tennis and orienteering.

All children have access to and take part in competition; this being Intra School, virtual competitions, level 1 or level 2 competitions against other schools.

28/32 Year 6 children accessed level 2 Bike Ability this year with great feedback from the trainers. All 75 Reception children took part in the learn to ride scheme with great success and great feedback form parents.

Year 6 children were assessed and able, gifted and talented children were identified and offered the chance to go to an AGT weekly programme, as well as additional activities and competitions to cater for their needs. One child was also nominated for an award at the Chorley sports awards for his enthusiasm to sport throughout the AGT programme.

We received the silver Sainsbury Schools Games Award for the work we do in school and after school and through the competitions we enter. Is a great achievement which reflects the hard work of the children and staff!

Sports Day this year was run by Chorley Sports Partnership and had a competitive aim. The children throughout the school were grouped into 4 colour teams which represented important sporting values. Questionnaires are currently being filled in and returned by children to hear their views on the day to enable us to listen and improve sports day for next year.


How will this money be spent again in 2016-2017?

A large sum of this money will again be spent on being part of Chorley School Sports Partnership. We will have specialist coaches in every half term, working with different classes, ensuring that all children have access to a coach for at least one half term.

Additional coaches during the curriculum time will be used. Blackburn Rovers are booked in to coach a range of football skills and rugby coaching. Sean Gregan (ex PNE player) and pro direct are offering clubs to work with the Infants on developing football skills as well. We will continue to run the Taekwondo club each week with Eddie Ellison to enable children to learn self-defence and progress in their belts. Ballroom dancing will continue to run and hopefully competitions will be entered and netball and high five club will run with competition and league being entered.

After school clubs will continue to be offered to a range of year groups and in a range of sports. Football, athletics, OAA, gymnastics, dance, tag rugby, high five, cricket and rounders have already been timetabled in for next year with more hoping to be booked in the coming months.

Intra school competitions as well as level two competitions against other school will happen throughout the school year in various sports. Learn to ride for all Reception children will be booked in again for the coming year and Bike Ability will be offered to all Year 6 children in summer 2017.

Swimming will be taught in year five starting in spring half term.

Change for Life Club will be again funded, this time with a new group of children from Year 3 and 4 who have been identified from our spreadsheet as not attending any after school clubs this school year. Year 5 children are being trained to become PALs again, with peer monitors also on the playgrounds.

Money will also be spent for professional development for staff in different key stages, including new teachers to the school. Professional development will include information on how to monitor, develop and assess the new curriculum areas.

Please see our rolling programme of what is taught throughout the year, as well as the National Curriculum guidelines.