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Faith’s Award

07.09.2018 - This week’s award went to Alfie Thompson for showing great friendship towards others. 
14.09.2018 - This week’s award was given to our amazing Year 6 buddies.
21.09.2018 - Taylor Snape received the award for showing compassion to others and friendship around the school.
28.09.2018 - Elizabeth Marshall received this week’s award for displaying the values of love, compassion and respect whilst running her first charity run. Well done! 
05.10.2018 - Millie Sergeant received the award for showing friendship and helping others around school.
12.10.2018 - This week’s award was given to Kelsey Haydock for showing love and compassion towards our Reception children. 
19.10.2018 - This week’s award was given to Rocco Conyers for showing love and compassion to people in our local community. 
02.11.2018 - Samuel Carey received this week’s award for being a trustworthy friend. 
09.11.2018 - This week’s award went to Cole Leighton for showing Christian Values around school.
16.11.2018 - Year 5 and Year 6 Athletics Team received the award for displaying Christian Vaules towards another school. We are very proud of you all for living our values.
23.11.2018 - This week’s award went to Alistair Theaker for showing amazing sportsmanship and demonstrating our values of friendship, compassion and love. Freddie Fit was blown away by Alistair. 
30.11.2018 - Chleo Wilson received the award for her thoughtfulness and consideration when encouraging others. 
14.12.2018 - This week’s winner is Jade Huang for her kindness and compassion for always being there for others.
21.12.2018 - This week’s winners are Trinity McCourt for her incredible kindness and compassion shown to one and all in school. To Patience Cresswell for her love and kindness put into each and every little hat that Patience has knitted for the antenatal ward in hospitals in the area. 
11.01.2019 - This weeks award went to Kira Sergeant, for demonstrating outstanding Christian values.
18.01.2019 - Kieran Noblet received the award for being extremely kind and thoughtful to all around him. 
25.01.2019 - This week’s award went to Attiyah Khansaheb for showing kindness and compassion at lunchtimes when helping younger children.
01.02.2019 - This week’s award went to  Dougie Kay for always showing kindness and compassion and being a gentleman.
08.02.2019 - David and Samuel  Ambrich received the award for for being a great examples for showing Christian values at all times.