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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Ben Holmes - Headteacher

                            Designated Senior Leader for Safeguarding and CLA

                            Assessment Leader

                            Teaching & Learning Leader

                            Mathematics Leader


Miss Rachel Brown -  Deputy Headteacher 

                                   Whole School Curriculum and Planning Leader

                                   Literacy Co-ordinator

                                   (Covering as EYFS & KS1 Leader during Mrs Davies' Mat Leave)



Senior Management Team

Mrs A. Kirk - Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, Pupil Premium Champion and Art & Design Co-ordinator

Mrs S. Nelson - SENDCo, EAL Leader, Backup Designated Leader for Safeguarding & Behaviour Leader

Miss J. Blackburn - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader, AGT Champion, RE Co-ordinator and British Values Leader

Mrs L. Davies - EYFS & Key Stage 1 Leader, Phonics & CLA Leader (Currently on Maternity Leave)



Class Teachers                                                                 Subject Responsibilities

Class 1(Reception) - Miss K. Walsh                                                                                                  

Class 2 (Reception) - Mrs M. Eastham                                              PE

Class 3 (Year 1)       - Mrs E. Simpson                                               Worship / Ethos                                                 

Class 4 (Years 1 & 2)- Miss R. Brown (Mon-Wed)                             Literacy

                                    Miss P. Jones (Thurs - Fri)                             AGT           

Class 5 (Year 2)        - Miss S. Merraoui                                                      

Class 6 (Year 2)        - Mrs S. Mews                                                  Science

Class 7 (Year 3)        - Miss P. Jones (Mon-Wed)

                                    Mrs S. Casey                                                 History & Geography

Class 8 (Years 3 & 4)- Mrs L. McGuinness (Mon-Wed)                     Mathematics

                                    Mrs N. Taylor (Wed - Fri)                                PSHCE & School Council

Class 9 (Years 4 & 5)- Mrs C. McBride                                              Computing & Music                          

Class 10 (Years 5 & 6)- Mrs A. Kirk                                                   Art

Class 11 (Year 6)        - Miss J.  Blackburn                                        RE & British Values 

Class 12 (Year 6 - AM Only)  - Mrs L. Riggs                                      MFL (French)


Class Teacher Release - Mrs L. Robinson                                         Design & Technology & Outdoor Learning


On Maternity Leave - Mrs H. Jenkinson


Child & Family Support Worker

Mrs J. McClellan BA Hons - Deputy DSL for Safeguarding


Higher-Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs C. Rayner - Class Teacher Release

Mrs T. Bolton - Learning Mentor & Class Teacher Release


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Little (TA Level 3) (Class 1)

Mrs L. Elliott (TA Level 3) (Class 2)

Mrs A. Malik (Classes 1 & 2 PM)

Mrs D. Winter (Class 3)

Miss A. Tatlock (Class 4)

Mrs B. Raymond (Class 4 & Rapid Reading Support)

Mrs S. Walker (Class 4)

Mrs D. Brennand (Class 5)

Mrs S. Burrows (Class 6)

Miss K. Parnell (Class 7) 

Mrs S. Hoole  (Class 8) 

Mrs A. Jennings (Class 9)

Mrs J. England (Class 9)

Mrs E. Jepson  (Class 10) 

Mrs H. Hankinson (Class 11)

Miss S. Bird (Class 12)


On Maternity Leave - Mrs C Peppard


Office Staff

Mrs C. Crabtree - School Business Manager

Mrs D. Brocken - Secretary & Attendance Officer

Mrs H. Smith - Secretary


Site Supervisor

Mr B. Hodgson


School Counsellor

Chavala -


Welfare Staff

Miss K Parnell - Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Andrews

Mrs H Livesey

Mrs A Pottinger

Mrs L Harrison

Mrs N Hopkinson

Mrs S. Riding


Kitchen Staff

Mrs J Dervan - Cook

Mrs S Crompton

Miss S Murphy



Mrs M. Golebiowska-Baryla

Mrs T Macartan