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2017 - 2018

Meet our school councillors.

Class 4    Freya and Lee
Class 6    Katelynn and Riley
Class 5    Joey and Tia
Class 7   Olivia and Joe
Class 8   Rhys and Aleese
Class 9   Bradley and Isabel
Class 10   Cerys and Logan
Class 11   Amelia and Danyal
Oversby winners     Hannah and Harley

Well done to our new school councillors for 2017 - 2018! I'm sure you will all do a great job!

We organised the fundraising activities for Children in Need. Pudsey visited, we wore spotty clothes and involved the whole school in a cake sale.

Well done to our competition winners! Your posters were fantastic and promoted our theme 'All different, All equal' during friendship week.