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The heart of the matter

Beech class had a very practical Science lesson building their own working model of the circulatory system.  They had to think about how they could get their 'heart' to pump the blood around their double loop system using tubing to represent their veins, arteries and capillaries. 
We learned about the different components found in our blood by making our own fake blood.  We used yellow food colouring and water to represent the plasma, cheerios dyed red to represent the red blood cells, mini marshmallows to represent the white blood cells and finally strawberry laces to represent the sticky platelets.  We weren't so keen on the smell it created when mixed together, but it helped us to remember lots of important facts about our blood.  
Working scientifically to investigate the sugar content of different drinks.  Some drinks shocked us by looking like a healthy choice, but actually containing more than double the recommended daily guideline amount of sugar for a child of our age!
We worked in groups to investigate the average heart rates for different groups of people or animals.  We were amazed to find out that a mouse's heart beats on average 500 times a minute, whilst an elephant's only beats 28 beats a minute.