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Class 2

Attendance Winners! 

For the 3rd time this year, we have the highest attendance and have won the attendance trophy! 

Please find below the Reception summer newsletter. 

Scarecrow's Wedding!

After reading the story 'Scarecrow's Wedding',we decided to make our own scarecrows and to have a "wedding" like they did in the story. We had spoke about how the groom waits for the bride as she is usually late, then there is a church service where special promises are made and then there is a special party afterwards to celebrate. The children even threw scarecrow confetti (straw). This then sparked an idea, the children thought we could have a wedding at St Peter's Church as many of the children haven't been to a church at that church. 

Fun Friday!

We have had lots of fun this morning! A few of the year 6 children came into our class to interact with the children. This week we have been reading the book 'Scarecrows Wedding' so we decided to make our own scarecrow! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this fun filled morning! 

In the sunshine developing fine and gross motor skills! 

The children have had a lovely morning in the sunshine developing their fine and gross motor skills. They have been using the bikes and the scooters, they have been playing on the castle and on the woodland path, they have been dressing up as sailors on the 'friend-ship' and have been playing with lots of equipment on the resources trolley. There has been lots of happy smiling faces and lots of sun tans developing! I hope you enjoying looking at these photographs! 

Life Education Bus

The children have had an exciting afternoon on the 'Life Education' bus. They found lots of information about their body and staying healthy. They also met Harold the Giraffe who showed them how to look after themselves and what to do when they are sad. The children had lots of fun playing games and singing songs. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs below.  


 A fantastic worship!

Today Class 2 performed their worship. They discussed how people are important because of the jobs they do such as doctors, police officers and lollypop people. They then discussed how Jesus found everybody important. They retold some of the stories where Jesus had a meal with Zaccheus, who was a tax collector and it made him give all the money back he had stolen. Jesus also talked to people as they were working such as Peter and Andrew the fishermen. The class then told the message that everybody is important no matter how old you are, how much money you have or what football team you support. Thank you to all those parents who came to support us. 

Wig Wednesday!

Today the children and staff came to school in wigs and wacky hair to raise money for Click Sargent - a children's charity that raises money for children in hospital. Thank you to all parents that made the effort I can imagine some hairstyles took along time! 

The chicks have hatched!

We have had an exciting few days! The children have finally discovered what is in the eggs……chicks! The children have had a lovely afternoon looking after and holding the chicks. The children all then wrote a sentence to describe what they looked like. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs below. 

Alan and Kim

Yesterday afternoon we had a lovely visit from Alan and his guide dog Kim, who we have met previously. Alan came to talk to the children about the importance of having a guide dog. Alan is deaf and severely blind so it is essential he has a guide dog. Kim has saved Alan’s life three times whilst trying to cross a road. Alan couldn’t see or hear a car, in particular the new hybrid car as they are very quiet, so Kim stopped in front of Alan ensuring he didn’t take another step. Alan explained that in a morning Kim will wake him up by running fast and jumping on him and he very often licks his face to give him a kiss! Kim’s first job in a morning is to pick up dirty clothes and put them into the washing basket, he then takes the washing basket to the washing machine and sorts the clothes into dark and white clothing (I wish I had a dog who could do that!) He can even sort Alan’s shoes into left and right shoes – he has a habit of hiding all the left shoes!  If the phone rings, Kim will take the phone to Alan so he can answer the phone. Kim has taken Alan on ships, trains, buses, coaches and even a plane! 

Enjoying the Sunshine! 

After working hard during Guided read, the children have had a lovely afternoon playing outside with the mud kitchen making mud pies, playing with the sand, planting new beans and generally having fun! 

Kindness and Tidy Up Award

Ashton has won the kindness award this week! He is always kind and polite to other children and members of staff. 

Max has won the tidy up award this week! He has made sure the garden was tidy after he had being playing in it! 



Exciting new kitchen! 

This afternoon the children saw our amazing new outside kitchen! A very kind man called Glen offered to make us one! The children have had lots of fun pretending to cook, serve each other food and even wash up! Thank you so much to Glen for all his hard work! 

Cute Bunnies!

This afternoon the children were treated to 4 special visitors - 3 week old rabbits! Mrs Parker's husband brought in their baby rabbits for the children to stroke! The children were very sensible asking lots of questions about the rabbits. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Parker for organising the lovely afternoon. 

100% Attendance Winners! 

These children have achieved 100% attendance for this term, this means they have been here everyday and on time. Well done to all these children! 

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Chloe. She gets the award this week for always giving lots of cuddles to her friends. Well done Chloe! 


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Theo. He spent a long time making sure the Phonics area was was really tidy. Well done Theo!

Easter Week!

This week some of the children brought in their homemade Easter bonnets. They all looked amazing! I can't believe the hard work and creativity that has gone into making them! As I was absent from school, Mrs Little had the very difficult decision of deciding a winner. She eventually, after a long time of deliberating, decided that our class winner was Ashton! The class decided that their winner was Himmat! Well done to everybody that entered they all all incredible!  


Many children made piece of bunting that is hung around the hall during out Easter week. Again all the children made a fantastic bunting and Mrs Wright had a very difficult job to decide some winners from all the entries across the school and she had decided that Layla in our class was a winner so well done Layla!

Spring Watch Walk!

The children have had a lovely morning! They went on a Spring watch walk into the woods. The children had to use their senses to describe what the could see, her, and feel. They saw lots of signs such as Daffodils, leaves spurting on tress and flower buds growing! They also noticed that the sky got darker because of the Eclipse. 

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Himmat. He gets the award this week for using his manners and letting another member of our class go first. Well done Himmat!


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Grace. She has made a real effort this week to try and keep the classroom tidy. Well done Grace!

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Alfie She gets the award this week for always being a kind member of Class 2. Well done Alfie! 


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Olivia. She always makes sure that our classroom is looking tidy. Well done Olivia! 

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Trinity. She gets the award this week for trying to make her friend feel better better by giving them a cuddle when they were crying. Well done Trinity! 


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Ruby. She spent a long time making sure the area she was playing in was really tidy. Well done Ruby!

Chinese New Year

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year! We have had a fun-filled week, we have looked at Chinese artefacts including chop sticks, lanterns, dishes and ornaments. We have also found out about the story called 'The Dragon Race' and we learnt of why each new year has a different animal representing it. We found out that this year is the year of the Goat/Ram. The children also had an exciting afternoon where they got to eat different Chinese food and they even tried to use chopsticks to eat with! The children were given lucky envelopes that contained chocolate coins and sweets to take home. The children also decorated a Chinese dragon and made Chinese lanterns. I hope you enjoying looking at the photographs.  

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Brooke. She gets the award this week for trying to make her friend feel better when they were upset. Well done Brooke! 


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Alexis. She always keep wherever she is playing very tidy. She always leaves the area as tidy or even tidier than she found it. Well done Alexis!

Chinese Food Tasting!

The children have had an exciting afternoon! As we are celebrating Chinese New Year this week, Jade's mum and sister and cousin, who own Wing Sing chinese takeaway on Eaves Lane, brought in lots of exciting Chinese food for the children to try. The children also tried eating with chops sticks which they found very difficult. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much to Tina, Yasmin and Jenny! 

Gingerbread Boat experiment! 

This week some of the children have been challenged to make a boat for the 'Gingerbread Man'so he could cross the river. They independently made them in the making area. This afternoon the children were given a 'Gingerbread Man' biscuit and we tested the boats in the water. The children had to decided if the boats would float or sink - a couple of them sunk so the children had to react quickly and save their biscuit!

Kindness Award and Tidy Up

This week the Kindness award goes to Zoe. She gets the award this week for trying to help her friend when they  were finding something difficult. Well done Zoe! 


This week the Tidy Up award goes to Layla. She always keep wherever she is playing very tidy. She always leaves the area as tidy or even tidier than she found it. Well done Layla!

Class Dojo Reward - Ice Creams!

The children have had an exciting afternoon! To reward their good behaviour, the children with 90% or above (which is all of class 2!) on the their class dojo have been given an ice cream and those children that have 100% which means they have had no red dojos were given an ice cream with a chocolate flake, sauce and sprinkles! The children then got to play different activities such as hula hoops, parachute, bowling and many more! Well done to all the children!  

Kindness Award and Tidy-Up Award

The 'kindness' award this this goes to Matthew. He came in from playtime and ask Mrs Little if she needed any help getting ready for 'fruit time'. Well done Matthew!


The 'tidy-up' award this week goes to Brooke. When playing in an area, she always makes sure she leaves it tidy before moving to go to a different area. Well done Brooke!

Gingerbread Men Making!

Some how we managed to bake with 44 children! Each child made and was allowed to take home two gingerbread men! All the children had lots of fun! Surprisingly Mrs Little and Mrs Parker said there was very little mess! 

Kindness Award and Tidy-Up Award

The first 'kindness' award goes to Jade. She is always trying to help other children and adults. This week she decided that she would help another member of her class with their weekly challenge. Well done Jade!


The first 'tidy-up' award goes to Aaron. When the tidy up song comes on, he always tidies up where he has been choosing and then he goes to the other areas making sure they are tidy. Well done Aaron!


The children were absolutely fantastic in our class worship! They retold the story of Noah and the Ark. They performed with confidence and enthusiasm! Well done to everybody in Class 2! 

Thinking Positively!

This afternoon during PSHE the children have been thinking about what they are good at. They then told other children what they thought they were good at. It was a lovely session and it was great to hear the children speaking positively about themselves and their peers. 


On Wednesday, Bikeability came into school! The children had lots of fun cycling and learning balance and control. There were pedals or stabilisers so the children really had to concentrate on what they were doing! 

Another hard work week!

The children worked so hard this week! They have learnt the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They have sequenced the story and they have also made a video each retelling the story!  In the continuous provision, the children had a challenge to make the a beanstalk using playdough. The children have also focussed on finding missing numbers on a 100 square - they even went outside with Mrs Wright and used the 10 square on the junior playground! The children have also been working really hard to practise our assembly! (This is a strict secret although you might be able to guess by the lines and song they are learning!) 



Please find below the Reception Newsletter for the Spring 2015 term.  

Wonderful week!

The children have worked so hard this week! They have learnt the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. They then wrote what happened on each day. The have also made their very own caterpillar that are crawling around our classroom. They have also thought about the things that God created. We had some great comments about what God created. The children also thought about being positive somebody else. 


Just a reminder to send in your email addresses for the 'Class Dojo' if you haven't sent it in already. If you have remember to check your email for the link to activate your account.


Miss Crook

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This week we are reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We are focussing on learning the days of the week. It would be really useful if you could practise with your child. The children start with Monday and finish with Sunday so they can relate to the school week. On the website, I have put the story on in a PowerPoint format if you would like to read the story with your child.



Miss Crook

Welcome back!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas period and that the festive season was good to you.  This is what we aim to do up to February however like in all schools things are subject to change!


We are moving onto Phase 3 in our phonics learning. Below is the 'Jolly Phonics' actions that the children will be learning for new sounds. I have also attached the 'Tricky' and 'High Frequency' words the children will be focussing on. Just to remind you that 'Tricky words' are words that cannot be sounded out and need to be learnt by sight and 'High Frequency word' are words that the children will see regularly in their reading and writing. 


Many thanks

Miss Crook

Reindeer food!

Today the children have made some food for the reindeers that will be coming on Christmas Eve. The food is to be sprinkled outside your home on the special night. Here are some photographs of the children making the food that consists of porridge oats and glitter because everybody loves a bit of sparkle at Christmas

Fun Numeracy!

This afternoon the children had fun using our new adding machine! The children were able to use the machine to show that adding is two amounts of objects to  make a bigger number!