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Thursday 3rd September


First day back! The children were told that they were going to focus on self portraits for the first two days. The children were first asked to draw an eye and a nose from memory. After this they were shown a real picture of them. Finally they were told how to draw them. Here are some wonderful examples....

Monday 7th September


Today we practised mark making on paper. The children were given a sheet and worked independently, without any guidance. Here are some examples.....

Today the children were told to draw a bird from memory. Once they had finished, they were given a picture of a swallow to copy. We looked at swallows because they link with the text that we are looking at in English. Here are some examples....

Today the children practised their water colour techniques. They used this time to perfect their skills and to experiment with their colours. 

Today the children used yesterday's water colour skills and painted a swallow. They used the same picture that they used on Monday. Here are some wonderful examples....

Monday 21st September


Last week, we started a new book in English called The Lost Happy Endings. Today we painted the background for our sliding mechanism for DT. 

Tuesday 22nd September


To get us ready to paint our trees on our sliding mechanisms, we practised drawing and painting tress in our sketch books. 

Thursday 24th September


We finally managed to paint our trees onto our sliding mechanisms. Mrs Nelson also managed to find some lovely white stars to add to them. Here are some examples....