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Class Worship and British Values

Monday 11th November 


Mr Holmes lead a lovely remembrance service. We stood for 2 minutes to remember the fallen and the survivors. We also took the time to remember our allies, there were 46 other countries who fought by our sides in WW2. 


Every class, during class worship, made there own poppy wreath. We all laid these around the cross on the stage. 

Wednesday 6th November


We had the lovely pleasure of Father Peter joining us for our Worship today. Father Peter lead us through the ‘Order of the Eucharist’ 


A lovely service celebrating and remembering Jesus Christ’s Last Supper and the sacrifice he made for us. 

In the Holy Eucharist, under the appearances of bread and wine, the Lord Christ is contained, offered and received.

To raise money for the Bishop’s Trust fund, 

Maple class decided to do a penalty shoot out.


We managed to raise just short of £20!


Thank you to everyone who took part.