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I saw that a teacher has used colourful chalk to brighten up pavements in an area of New York city called Queens. She's drawn lots of Disney characters (my favourite topic!) and written inspirational quotes. I thought this could be a lovely activity you could complete at home.  Can you draw your favourite character and write a positive message next to them? This could be as creative as you want! There will be lots of super dojo’s on offer! 🎨 🖍 👩‍🎨 

If you want to read the full article it is here

Linked to our science topic of “Materials”, can you create a college using as many different materials as you can find. Super Dojo's will be given :)

Oak National Academy have launched foundation subject lessons. Here is a link to an Art lesson. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. Remember to just try your best :)