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Our World


We have learnt about our world and know that the imaginary lines on the globe are called the Equator, lines of longitude and latitude and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We thought about the weather in the tropics then wrote and presented our very own weather forecasts. We worked in pairs - one person was the presenter and the other was in charge of filming.

We have used the large floor map to reinforce our learning about the world.

We have been learning about the symbols used on ordnance survey maps.

We used digimaps to compare Chorley today to 1890 and 1950. We noticed that there are more buildings and roads today. We even have a motorway. There was once a hospital on Eaves Lane but it is no longer there.

We used digimaps to locate the county of Lancashire and its coastline. We also labelled familiar places using a pin.