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We sorted food and drink into the following groups: dairy, proteins, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars.

Life Education Centre

We spent some time in the Life Education Centre
We need to have a balanced diet.
We met Tam.
James found the heart.
Olly found the stomach.
Sleep is very important to stay healthy.
We met Harold.

Harold sang a song.

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We had a fantastic morning visiting the Asda Superstore.

We visited the Bureau de Change.
We enjoyed a drink and a biscuit in the cafe.

We have been looking at people who help to keep us safe.

We have been looking at Economic Well Being and Financial Capability. We talked about pocket money and the jobs the children do at home. To encourage the children to save we awarded tokens when the children were helpful around school. When they had saved enough tokens they could choose to exchange their tokens for a prize or continue saving to get a better prize. It was fantastic to see that most children chose to save .