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Monday 23rd March 2020


Last week in class we had a look at 'Kennings'. The children loved them! and they created great examples in small teams. 



  • Look at the 'Kennings' powerpoint

Today, create your own Kenning on an animal or object of your choice - can your family guess what it is?  


Art idea - follow this by creating a picture of your animal or object.  Can your family guess your Kenning? 

SHOCKING Static Electricity Experiments and Tricks ⚡ Balloons, Water + MORE ⚗⚠️ Fun Science for Kids

Watch this video on Static electricity! What is static electricity? Can you make static electricity?


Your task is to create your very own project all about FRANCE! You can type, hand write or a combo of both!  ... What about a collage board all about France annotated with key information and vocabulary?  or a file with different pages of information? 



  • Map of France with key places/landmarks - what about 3D?!
  • Famous buildings - create a model?
  • Food - maybe try some?  or even better...make something?
  • key vocabulary 
  • culture and celebrations
  • history 


the list is endless.... 

I can't wait to see what you come up with!