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Let's rock!

Who knew rocks and soils could be such an interesting topic?  Class 7 have really enjoyed our unit of work on this subject and have learned so much.  Today we explored what soil is and discovered that underneath our feet there are different layers of soil.  We worked in pairs to make our own "Soil pudding".  We used strawberry sauce, biscuits, wafers, chocolate mousse, strawberry laces as well as crushed oreos to represent the different layers of soil.  It helped us to remember the names for the layers and what was different about each one.  The best part was getting to eat our dirt puddings at the end!
Class 7 had a busy afternoon investigating and classifying a variety of different rocks.  We split into small groups and moved around a carousel of different activities and investigations, which really got us thinking.  We investigated which rocks were permeable (we found out this meant they would let water pass through it), which rocks had a high density and whether they would sink or float, as well as how hard wearing the different rocks were.  We collected lots of good findings- Aleese made a great connection when she linked the fact that slate is often used for roof tiles because it doesn't let water pass through it.  
Testing a rock's permeability.
How hard wearing is it?
Using BBC games to test out more rocks.
Will it sink or float?
Using sandpaper to test its durability.


Chocolate rocks!

We had an interesting afternoon launching our new Science topic all about 'Rocks'.  We started by thinking about what rocks are and how we could describe them.  Aleese had some great ideas- she explained that rocks are like "nature's materials".  We watched some video clips, which explained about the 3 main types of rock- sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  Mrs Casey was amazed at some of the names of rocks we already turns out a love for Minecraft comes in handy sometimes!!

We also worked in groups to investigate cakes and sweets to explore the features of the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We grouped the chocolates and sweets into groups depending on their similar/different features to the different rocks.