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Throughout English and History, class 7 have been learning all about the gruesome process of mummification.

Once the children completed research, we put their knowledge to the test and performed the key steps in small groups.

Classes 7 and 8 took part in a fun lesson, where we had to think about how long ago the Ancient Egyptian civilization actually was.  We used toilet roll to make a human timeline.  Each sheet of toilet paper represented 50 years.  We worked out that the Ancient Egyptian period started around 5000 years ago before Christ.  Our timeline stretched a really long way around.  It made us realise just how long ago 5000 years was.  
Class 7 have been developing their enquiry skills in History.  To begin our 'What have the Greeks ever done for us?' topic, we had to look really closely at a picture from Ancient Greece and think about what clues there were in the picture.  William made some super inferences that the Greeks were having a race.  Jocelyn thought that they were fighting.  Emily noticed that there were some people watching what was going in the background of the picture.  Aaron noticed that there was a temple in the distance and that made us wonder what might happen inside the temple.  The class made some excellent deductions, such as it must be warm in Greece because the man isn't wearing a top.  We are looking forward now to finding out more about what life was like in Ancient Greece.

Researching Greek Gods


In Literacy, we have been using books and the internet to research all about Greek Gods and Goddesses.  We didn't know that many facts to begin with, but now we know lots of fascinating facts about them and why they were so important in Ancient Greece.  We think the scariest God was Zeus because when he was angry, he would throw thunderbolts!  We are now going to use our facts to write a non-chronological report.

Class 7 carried out some exciting cross curricular Art and History.  They researched Ancient Greek theatre masks and how they were used.  They then created their own design for a mask based on a God or Goddess.  Here are some of the finished designs.....