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Lighting up reading! We've been using our finger lights to help us with our skimming and scanning skills! We had great fun!

World Book Day in Class 11

We've been learning about the brain ready for our report writing!

Script writing! We're writing our own scripts for a scene in Narnia! We have worked together to plan and write own scripts!

We've been exploring the character of Edmund and his moment of decision making! Will he betray his siblings for a taste of more Turkish delight? What would you do?

Edmund was tempted to taste the Turkish delight... Class 11 tried turkish delight before writing a paragraph to try and persuade someone to taste it too!

The wardrobe has been opened! All our vocabulary has been displayed in our wardrobe.

We've looked at the character of Lucy and discussed her thoughts and feelings as she saw the wardrobe for the first time.

We've been looking at improving our vocabulary that we use in our writing! I'm very impressed Class 11!

Peer marking!