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Design Technology

Textile Project - making a bag

We have improved our sewing skills through practical focused tasks:

  • sewing a button, suitability as a fastener
  • running stitch
  • over stitch- which is the strongest?
  • velcro as a fastenener
  • chain stitch for decoration


Now we can design a bag for our client and complete our list of jobs:

1. Cut out the material accurately with little wastage using a pattern which we have created. 

2. Make and sew the bag using the best stitch for the purpose to give rigidity and strength.

3. Use appropriate fasteners.

4. Decorate with our client in mind.

5. Evaluate our making skills; cutting, measuring, sewing, designing.

6. Evaluate by communicating with our client.

Practical focused task - to sew on a button
Practicing chain stitch
Mastering chain stitch and using as decoration
Buttons chosen as a fastener
Velcro selected as a fastener
Handle attached as part of the design
Punched holes for a drawstring
Small bag with loop to hang from a belt
Velcro fastening
Drawstring bag with plaited string
Chain stitch for decoration
Class 10 have been busy making cakes to sell for Children in Need.  We considered hygiene and carefully followed a recipe to make them extra delicious!  We must have done a good job as they sold out quickly!