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Friday 1st March 

We have been looking at parables from the Bible. 

A Parable is a story told by Jesus with a hidden meaning

a bit like a fable.


As a class we have been diving deeper into ‘The Ise and he Foolish Builder’


Children we’re divided into groups and told to build a tower 

as tall as they could. Half of the class were given celotape to bond 5eir straws together the other half were given Play Doh. 


We then discussed what made the best bond and why. We then related this to the Parable by asking:

Which is easier? Why? 

Why Jesus told this story?

What did we learn? Is it similar to what the builders learnt? 

We compared 10 different versions of the bible.

We discussed, as a class, what age each bible was best suited for.

We then ordered them all. 

As a class we all discussed what we already knew 

about the Bible and other religious books.

The Big Frieze