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Love, Challenge and Inspire

More love in our school!

Look how Year 1 came to Class 11 to teach Year 6 how to make an Easter card. We had to listen to the experts who showed us how not to waste materials and make a lovely Easter celebration pop up card.

Love in our school

Year 6 children in Class 11 teamed up with Year 3 and 4 in Class 8 to teach the younger children how to use powerpoint. The theme for the powerpoints was 'Friendship'. By teaching Class 8, Year 6 proved the best of friends by passing on their ICT skills and nurturing some of our younger children.

Love Challenge and Inspire

Keith Haring is our favourite artist. He has challenged us to make a 3-d figure. His art work has helped give us rules for a great classroom based on love and fellowship.

Next we challenged ourselves to make a 3-d clay figure in the style of Keith Haring. We then challenged ourselves to combine our figures and make group sculptures to show what Keith has taught us- to work together and respect one another. We decided on group titles for our sculptures as well. Keith would be proud!