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Mutual Respect

Baba Marta Day is celebrated in Bulgaria on 1st March. Bracelets are worn until a blossoming tree is seen, symbolising the coming of Spring.

Martin gave bracelets to his friends.
The bracelets are red and white.
Martin's family celebrates Baba Marta Day.

Class 3 enjoyed learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year.

Jason showed his friends how to play the drum.
Jason receives money as a New Year gift.
We painted blossom trees
Kira's fortune cookie message said "shine friend".
Our money envelopes had a chocolate coin inside.
We made lanterns and dragons.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Still image for this video

Why do we celebrate Chinese New Year in Class 3?

Today in class 4, we celebrated Chinese New Year! We watched a video about how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year and then we made our own moving dragon and Chinese lantern! 😃