Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors, and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Miss R Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs M Eastham (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs T Bolton (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Miss Blackburn (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

St Peter's participates in Operation Encompass. Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, school will be advised that the child has been involved. Please see school website for further details.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here. SAFEGUARDING POLICY

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Benny the Elf!

This afternoon something exciting happened! We had a phone call from Santa! He rang to tell to tell us to check in the role play he had left us a special present! In the box we found an elf! The children have decided to adopt him and call him Benny! There was a letter in the box that explained that we mustn't touch Benny or else his magical power would disappear and also he wouldn't move and speak whilst we was awake! This is going to be the focus of our writing up to Christmas! 

The children came in this morning to a surprise! Benny the elf had MOVED! He was sat on the top of our Christmas tree! We then had a phone call from Richard the elf! He told the children he had set them a writing challenge to write a sentence about where Benny was sat! The children found their challenge in their tray

Here are some examples of the children's completed writing challenge set by Benny the Elf! 
The children came in this morning to a surprise! Benny the elf had MOVED again! He was sat reading a Christmas card that was meant to be for Lulu! He had also thrown all of the Christmas cards out of the post box! The children worked hard to put all the Christmas cards back so they would be delivered! 
 Benny was really naughty this morning! We came into class to find him eating the children's fruit and drinking their milk! He had even thrown all of the fruit out of the fruit bowl and turned all the milk cartons upside down! I wonder where he will be tomorrow..............

Benny the elf was in Matilda's tray this morning! He had written a note to say he was looking forward to having a sleepover in class 2 with her! He had brought his toothbrush, a toaster and a slice of toast!! 

Benny the elf has been really naughty this morning! He turned the small into a sleeping bag! He even had his toothbrush! He also decided to make a Christmas tree out of sticks which had baubles, a star and a present! Benny also swapped the star on the top of the Christmas tree to a fox!!

We had a video message this morning from Benny! He told the children that he had been to see Santa this weekend and told him how good all the children have been. He told them he tried to write his Christmas list but he was struggling with his sounds. He asked the children if he could write the following items for him: bat, ball, pen and teddy! The children then had a challenge to write his list for him. If they all completed the challenge they would all get 3 dojos!!  

Here are the lists the children wrote for Benny! 

The children have decided to set a trap to see if they can catch Benny being a cheeky elf! They have worked together to design a trap! They have put a chocolate on top of the number line with a net over it, we think Benny will try and eat the chocolate and the new will fall! Let's see what happens in the morning!

Look what we found this morning! Benny had been fooled by our trick! He had eaten the chocolate but got caught in our trap! Benny then left us a message saying sorry he had eaten the chocolate but he had sent a message to say if he could hear the children from the classroom singing in the singalong he will give them all 3 dojos each!! 

The children have returned from lunch to find that Benny has escaped!! We have received another message from Benny, telling us that he has returned to help Santa with a special job and will be back again very soon!!! We don't know when or where but Benny has asked us to keep our eyes pealed and see if we can find him!!