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​​​​​​History Activity- W.B- 09.06.20

Once you have completed your enquiry map for our new topic -'Spreading the word', you are going to learn about a man called William Caxton who is a significant person in history. Can you remember the difference between a significant person and someone who is famous? Read through the powerpoint with a grown up and remember to ask questions if you are unsure of what things mean. Once you have done that, complete the sheet attached.

VE Day Home Learning:



Learn about the day and why it is so important.


On the 8th May 1945 the Nazis surrendered and victory in Europe was declared. Sadly, millions had died, but the millions who had been saved were able to celebrate the end of a six-year world war and the VE Day parties went on for quite some time!

Churchill’s speech -

If you want to find out more about VE Day here is another link to a full lesson.




The impact of the war on people.

Task: What else can you find out about the war? How did it impact people in this country? Did it have an impact on anybody you know? Investigate and see what you can find out!

Remember, the Second World war impacted your community and changed people’s lives at the time! If it’s safe to do so, why not take a walk and look at your local memorial. There are some memorials not too far away in Chorley with the biggest being in Astley park at Chorley Cenotaph. Look closely at the names, they all had families that they left behind so it is very important to remember them.
Try and find out if any of your relatives remember it happening and what they may have done at the time.

Please share and interesting pieces of information or pictures relating to this as I would love to learn more too!



How did the nation celebrate?

It is only 2 more days until VE day now! During these 2 days why not try to get ready for VE Day by making decorations or learning even more about the day online.

Follow this link to see how as a nation we celebrated VE day.

Throughout the next couple of days I will post on links to various craft ideas and activities relating to VE day celebrations. Please keep pictures of work coming in too, we have had some brilliant examples of work so far!



One more day to go until VE Day!

75 years ago most people had begun to expect that this day was coming and some celebrations had already started.

Of course this meant that people spent this day very excited!

Use what you have learnt this week to try and design your own front page of a newspaper to be published tomorrow. Or have a go at imagining you were alive 75 years ago and writing a diary entry about what is happening and how you would be feeling.

I have had some great work in so far so please keep them coming in! Throughout the day I will post some more small activities which I hope you find fun too.

In your History lessons you have learned about many different explorers, in particular Christopher Columbus. Below is a power-point all about him, can you use the power point to answer these questions? Remember you don't need to print these questions out, you could just write your answers on a piece of paper.