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Magistrate Visit

Excitedly, Class 11 could not wait for their trip to Chorley Magistrate Courts on 8th December. We even had a double decker bus to take us so yes - we all wanted to go on top!


We were fascinated to find out about how the courts worked and 2 magistrates, Mrs Dowling and Mrs Naylor told us how there have been magistrates keeping the law of the land for nearly 600 years.


We re-enacted a court case involving Jack Sharp who was accused of criminal damage and theft. Our class became witnesses, legal advisers, magistrates and even the defendant.


Gypsy exclaimed, "This was the best trip ever!" Mrs Dowling was so impressed with us. She had not had witnesses so confident to be cross-examined and who could think on their feet. The magistrates impressed the real magistrates with superb questions directed to witnesses and the defendant. 


Finally, the magistrates deliberated their decision and, thankfully Jack Sharp (Aadam) was found NOT GUILTY!

We were in Court 1
Mrs Naylor and Mrs Dowling, 2 magistrates
The Court represents the Queen
We all bowed to the coat of arms
The 5 witnesses examined by Defence and Prosecutio
3 magistrates with Louis as chairman
Magistrates enter from their chambers
The Court Usher (Keira) brings in witnesses
The Defendant enters a plea of 'Not guilty!'
PC Nabham (Morgan) swears on the Bible
The Magistrates take notes
Sergeant Strict (Daniel) was Duty Sergeant
He affirmed his oath
Mrs Gladys Parker (Nicole) had seen the crime
We all had to decide from the evidence
Mrs Parker was cross-examined by Defence
Thomas Jones (James) was the injured party
His shop window had been smashed
Sam Smith (Adam) was a Defence witness
The panic button for the Magistrates
Finally, the Defendant defended himself
The Magistrates leave to discuss the case
The verdict is NOT GUILTY!
We stood in the secure dock
We saw the cell in the police station
A fascinating trip