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We have started reading our new book 'The Vanishing Rainforest'.  In it the Yanomami tribe, who have lived in the rainforest for thousands for years, have to decide whether to help outsiders who are clearing the trees to develop the land for other purposes.  Today we used the drama convention of hotseating to explore in more depth how a character might be feeling or what they might be thinking.  Peter took on the role wonderfully of Uncle Moawa and answered our open ended questions such as: "Why do you trust the Nabe?", "What do they give you in return?"

Whispering words


Class 7 play games to help them with their spellings.  We were trying to remember the correct spelling for the homophones 'where, wear and were'.  Around the classroom were 5 sentences with these words missing.  We worked in small groups to go and find a sentence and then we had to rush back and whisper the sentence to our group.  The winners were the first group to have all 5 sentences correct with the correct spelling.  Super team work. 

After reading 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies, we have written letters as the girl to the old lady to say thank you.