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Class 7 have been developing their printing skills.  We researched and sketched Egyptian motifs and symbols.  We then selected our favourite one to become the design for our print.  We used rollers and ink to create a repeated pattern of our designs.
Class 7 have worked extremely hard to produce their final tombstone painting - fantastic work!

Tomb Painters in Lower Key Stage 2

In Class 7 we have studied the tomb of Nebamun and admired the paintings of his life and beliefs. These tomb paintings were painted on plaster. We have studied images of Egyptian gods in our sketchbooks and have planned how we will use our own fragment of plaster. 

Our new literacy theme is based on the book, 'Perfect' by Nicola Davies. The main character is full of awe and wonder at the swifts that visit his neighbourhood every summer. The character helps an injured swift and this experience helps him come to terms with something sad in his life. 

Therefore, Class 7 looked at the work of modern sculptor, Celia Smith who works in wire. We have explored swifts in our sketchbooks just like Celia does and then developed our sketches into a wire bird.

Celia Smith in her workshop.
Arctic Tern
We've been developing our use of our sketchbooks by increasing our time with drawing skills. Last week we used tone and shading by drawing 3-d shapes such as spheres and cones and today have used our new shading skills by drawing Greek sculptures. By shading with different grades of pencil, we have tried to capture the 3-d qualities of Greek sculptures.


To contribute to our history topic, 'What Have the Greeks Done For Us', Class 7 have used charcoal and pastels for these observational drawings of Greek Urns. We have learnt how the pots depict everyday life such as olive picking or illustrate a Greek myth. the challenge was to work on a large scale.

The Greek hero Odysseus
Proves how the sea was so important to the Greeks

In RE we are understanding the theme of 'Light' in different faiths. We have learnt about Hannakah for the Jewish faith and Advent wreaths and Christingles for Christianity. Therefore, in art, we have developed our drawing skills by studying light and shadow using a still life and candelabra. We used 6b pencils and graphite sticks for the dense darkness and 2b for lighter tones. We discussed the atmosphere in our room and why lights are so important at this time of year.

We looked at artists such as George de la Tour who also loved painting the effect of light and dark.



The Lower Juniors are really enjoying Roald Dahl's 'The Enormous Crocodile'. We also love Quentin Blake's illustrations. We have experimented in our sketchbooks and will use our new skills as illustrators to illustrate our own writing of the 'Clever Trick Number 5'.

We have used water colours and then outlined in black pen.