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We have a Christmas home corner!

We have been collecting items for people who may not receive a Christmas present. The children chose to send our two shoeboxes to a baby and a grandparent. They took a long time to decide and put a lot of thought into it.

We had a special delivery from Father Christmas. We have named him Dexter, we cannot touch him or he loses all his magic and he isn't allowed to talk or move in the day.

Completing one of our maths challenges

We found Dexter protecting our nuts!

We labelled Dexter's friends

We have learnt a lot about why we celebrate Christmas.

Dexter was found by our clock today, we wondered how he got there?

We have had great fun completing lots of different Christmas challenges in Class 1!

We were shocked to find Dexter in the hall with his friend Eric from Class 2, but how did he get there?

The children had a great time at our Christmas party. We even had a very special visitor!

Dexter has left the building!