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Shadow puppet shows


We used all our knowledge that we have learned about light this term to create and perform our own light shadow puppet shows.  We worked in small groups to design our puppets and then created a short story for them.  Some of us recreated the Nativity story, whilst others  invented their own stories involving Santa Claus.  We were able to use our knowledge of shadows and how they work to make some of our puppets appear larger or smaller at different times.  We all had a great time performing our shows for the rest of the class.

Animal shadows


We have been busy investigating about shadows.  We worked in teams to create animal shadows using our hands, a white screen and a torch.  We created some super shadows such as a rabbit, butterfly and even a wolf.  We then investigated how the shadow changed as we moved the torch closer or further away from our hands.  We found out that the closer the torch to the object, the bigger the shadow.  James P recognised that this was because more light is blocked when the torch is close up.  Great thinking James!

Let there be light!

Class 7 had great fun entering our man-made cave to investigate how colours show up in the dark.  We predicted what colours and materials we thought would show up well.  We then tested out our predictions.  We learned about how retro-reflective materials work and how they can be used for people to keep safe at night.

Investigating Light


We worked in groups to investigate light using cardboard boxes and torches.  We had to make holes in the top and sides of our boxes and place small objects underneath the boxes.  We then explored what we could see through the holes when we peered through.  We tried it without the torches and then with.  From our investigations, we learned that light travels in straight lines.