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Money Mentors

We have become an accredited school to the Debt Aware Programme thanks to the hard work of children in Class 11 who have been trained to deliver lessons about using money wisely to Year 5 and 6.
Year 6 have helped our school to be an accredited school for the Debt Aware programme. We have received our official plaque and Mr Souter came into our assembly to explain why our school as been rewarded with such an award. Our 'children teachers' have proved yet again how wonderful they are; helping others understand the real life complexity of money and making the right choices.
All of Year 6 have received training and led lessons from the Debt Aware programme. This is our last lesson led by Lizzie, Mackenzie, Zak, and Deniss. We also recently looked at the similarities and differences between a family in 1815 and a modern family in 2015, in particular the role of the NHS and the Welfare State.