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Religious Education

Year 6 have investigated the Passover meal which Jesus ate with his disciples during the Last Supper. We have re-enacted the Passover to understand its importance for the Jewish people and its influence on the Christian Eucharist. We have explored their differences and similarities and were fascinated by the idea that this meal was also important to Jesus. He, too, would have understood the symbolic meaning of the foods and why they are tasted. 
The Seder Plate, Torah and menorah.
'Mother' lights the candle
The kiddush (first cup) and blessing
Salty water represents the tears of the slaves
Dipping the bitter herbs in salty water
Washing our hands to be clean for God
Breaking the matzah, unleavened bread.
Bitter herbs represent the hard life of the slaves
Dipping bitter herbs into sweet apple
Making the Hillel sandwich
Represents how life is both sweet and difficult
Another blessing with 'wine' (blackcurrant)
Looking for the prophet Elijah
The youngest child looks for Elijah
Elijah will tell of the Messiah's coming
Last blessing and hymn 'Shalom'
As in the Eucharist, we pray.

Class 11's contribution to our Garden of Gethsemene has been inspired by the artist Henri Matisse and his 'cut out' technique. We have designed 3 large scale banners which will hang at the back of the garden depicting the Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the cockerel and St. Peter's betrayal and finally the wounded figure of Judas.

We worked as a fantastic team! A team of boys controlled where each cut out should be pasted according to their artistic eye. 

Matisse's horse inspired our donkey.
Matisse in his studio.
Judas or Jesus?

Class 11 Faith Trail we visited Blackburn Cathedral and a Mosque!

To help Classes 7 and 8 with their Harvest enterprise, Class11 have made toffee apples to raise money for the Bishop's Harvest Appeal. We harvested the school's apples then dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. We earned £16.00. This will help children in Malawi.
Our school apples are delicious and free!
Dipping in chocolate
Sprinkles for charity
What a harvest
Let's help change the world.
All gone.