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Lake District Projects

We have been amazed by the wonderful variety of projects that Class 7 have created at home all about the Lake District.  We have had wonderful facts, writing, pictures as well as 3D models/sculptures and home baked goodies from the region.  Well done Class 7- you should be proud of your efforts!
Oscar's fact poster with Kendal Mint Cake.
Olivia's project full of facts and photos.
Lily-May made Grasmere gingerbread for us to try!
Delicious Grasmere gingerbread.
Leighton made a 3D model and wrote facts.
George's 3D model of Scafell Pike.
Olivia's 3D model and facts.
Erin's fact poster designed on computer.
Evrim's  research and Borrowdale Teabread.
Ella's Kendal Mint Cake and recipe.
Joe's information poster.
Maisie's Lake District facts and games.
Keira's book full of facts and photos.
Evan's tourist information leaflet.
Peter's 3D contour line map sculpture.
Layla's booklet of facts and pictures.
Lewis' fact poster.
Alfie's Lakeland jigsaw with facts.
Finlay's research writing and facts.
Reuben's information booklet.
Harry's Grasmere gingerbread and facts.
Elliott trying out some cumberland sausage.
Wesley's map design.
Kaine's tourist poster.
Chloe's 3D box model.
Alfie's fact poster.
William's tourist leaflet
Brooke's fact file
Liam's fact leaflet
Class 7 and 8 had the opportunity to spend time looking at and reading our wonderful homework projects all about the Lake District.  We recorded on post it notes our thoughts about them.