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Mr Michelson visited school to share his faith Judaism! We had a great time!

Poetry! We used artwork by Jenny Hawke to inspire our writing during our Easter focus! These poems are so moving!

We looked at paintings that show 'Jesus the Teacher!' We then explored how colour represented Jesus! We then created our own!

We've been on our 'Faith Trail' learning about Hinduism and Islam! We visited a Mandir and a Mosque; it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about different faiths in our community! We had a great time!

Mr Anwar visited us to talk to us about his faith and how important the Qu'ran is in his life.

Father Peter joined us for RE this week and we asked him questions about the Bible and his own personal journey to becoming a Vicar! Thank you Father Peter!

Becoming teachers in RE this week! Amaarrah, Hajra and Sadiyah led our lesson the Qur'an. It was a fantastic lesson and it was amazing learn about the Qu'ran and how important it is in yours lives! Your quiz was a success and you had lots of winners!

Our values can be demonstrated in our writing! We wrote our own beatitudes and poems about the poppy! Wow!

We were invited to a 'Diwali Enchrichment Day' at St Stephen's in Preston. We had a wonderful time and made new friends!