Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors, and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Miss R Brown (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs M Eastham (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs T Bolton (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Miss Blackburn (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

St Peter's participates in Operation Encompass. Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, school will be advised that the child has been involved. Please see school website for further details.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here. SAFEGUARDING POLICY

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This term, we are looking at electricity. As a starter lesson, the children were told to collect the equipment that they needed in order to make a simple one bulb circuit. 


Make your own pulley mechanism. 


The children were given: 

A Bobbin

A Straw

A Piece of string

and a Paper cup.


They were told that they had to make a pully mechanism and that this mechanism would be able to drag the paper cup from one end of the table to another. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Gravity and Air Resistance 


During today's lesson, the children design and carried out there own paper spinner experiment. They were told to change one thing about the paper spinner. Some children changed the size, some children changed the weight and some children change the shape of the wings. 


The were seeing if changing this variable would change the speed in which it dropped. 


Why not ask them what they changed and what they found out?

Summer - Forces




Today we started looking into friction and its advantages and disadvantages. 

The children were given a jelly task. They had to move pieces of jelly from one plate to another as quickly as they could. 


I then introduced a lubricant (oil) - Why not ask them what happened when they tried to move the jelly pieces after it was added? 


As an extra challenge, we told the children to use chop sticks. 



This term we are looking at inheritance. The children were given a bowl of liquorice allsorts and told to pick one mum and one dad. They then had to pick out a suitable 'offspring' for those parents and justify. 



We have carried on looking at our circulatory system, especially our heart rate. We carried out our own heart rate investigation trying to work out when ours would be at our highest. Why not ask them what our findings were?


We also carried out a pattern seeking investigation. We had to match up the heart rates to the correct animal or human. We also made some statements about what we found. 

Thursday 15th October 2020

Last month we started a topic all about our circulatory system. Today we made our own blood. We mixed each component separately to help us understand each one and what their job is. 


Why not not ask your child about the four components and their jobs?