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Fast Forward Grammar with Mrs Jepson


A group of children are working with Mrs Jepson 3 times per week to build up and consolidate grammar skills. The children play practical games and investigate building sentences and deepening their understanding of how language and punctuation makes sense.


Our first session:

To identify questions, statements and commands.

Session 2

The children gave examples of questions, statements and commands on whiteboards. We challenged each other to explain why each sentence was placed in each category. A great discussion today.

The children played human sentences and rearranged themselves into the correct order to make statements and commands.


Session 3

The children showed great understanding when discussing the definitions of statements, questions and commands - explaining that commands do not always have an exclamation mark e.g. 'Pour in the milk'.

 They each wrote 3 examples independently and used punctuation fans to show the correct punctuation mark.


Session 4 - Nouns

We discussed different kinds of nouns and their functions.  Then helped one another to identify common nouns in a piece of writing.

The children also played a sentence building game using prepared cards with a variety of different common nouns.

Session 5

The children were reminded that a noun is the name of objects, people, places and emotions. They were all able to correctly identify some nouns found around the classroom.

Next, we identified some proper nouns from example sentences and played a game of 'Guess the proper noun'.  Using sticky notes placed on foreheads, the children asked each other questions to try and determine the proper noun. For example: Am I a person or place? Am I male or female? Am I a country or a city? It was great fun and everyone was able to guess correctly!


Session 6

Today the children did a fantastic job completing their short assessment on nouns.  They each showed great understanding and could provide examples of their own in different types of sentences.  Well done, you are making great progress!