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"Yes - it's Science"

ELECTRICITY BUZZER GAMES In pairs we made a buzzer game. We made an incomplete circuit which is made complete when the rod touches the wire design. Lots of problem solving and perseverance was needed!

ELECTRICITY AND DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY - we revisited making complete circuits but this time with loose wires, battery and bulb. Then we experimented using 2 batteries and one bulb, or 2 bulbs and one battery. We need this knowledge so that we can construct a Buzzer Game in D/T/

ELECTRICITY WORKSHOP - we learnt how to make a complete circuit, insert a switch, which materials are conductors and insulators, make a circuit for a buzzer or motor and what happens to multiple bulbs or using circuits with more/less cells of power.

LESSON 4 - fair testing of 4 types of chocolate and observing the speed of melting from a solid to a liquid.

LESSON 3 - observing how liquids freeze and melt - observing how states change from liquid to solid to liquid.

LESSON 2 -TESTING THE VISCOSITY OF LIQUIDS - we challenged the same amount of different liquids to a race. The winner showed the least viscosity and we concluded that syrup was the most viscous.

WATER - States of Matter - United Utilities Workshop. We revisited the Water Cycle and how our water to stored and cleaned. We found out how much water we use and also waste. We talked sewage and fatbergs. We learnt that toilet wipes do not break down so easily! We found out who was a water waster or a water saver.

lesson 1 - STATES OF MATTER - CLASSIFICATION OF SOLIDS, LIQUIDS AND GASES. In teams, we grouped different everyday products and items into solids, liquids and gases but realised many materials overlapped and needed a mix of properties to describe them.

The Digestive System in action! We worked in teams of 5: the mouth and teeth, the oesophagus ans swallowing, the stomach which secreted acids, the small intestine which secreted pancreatic juces and bile and then the bowel which went to the toilet!

We used our knowledge about good oral hygiene to create board games. Before we started, we played a couple of other board games to help us with planning and creating our own.

We played each other’s oral hygiene games and talked about how successful they were and how we could improve them.


As a team of 4,  we made a gum with 2 incisors, 2 canines, 2 premolars, 2 molars and even some groups managed to make 2 huge molars or wisdom teeth.

We used polymorph which Marlo found out was very similar to the white resin used in fillings!


We worked in teams.

We observed what made our balloons move – the power of air pushing the balloon as the air rushed out.

We learnt how hairy string slowed down the balloon. “This is friction,” explained Rahim.

“The black wire is smoother so went faster,” explained Amy.

"The green string was ‘fuzzy’ with fibres so was slowed down. The fibres created more friction, ” explained Marlo and Ruby.

One team raced 2 rockets. Surprisingly, the smaller orange balloon went faster. “Perhaps it let the air out faster,” suggested Catrin.



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Still image for this video