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Traditional Tales

Who has broken the chair? Wanted posters are out!

Have you seen her?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

"I've found her! I've found Goldilocks! Take her picture!"

Ordering size!

Liam used the blocks to make Daddy Bears bed.

Ordering Bears!

Understanding positional language


Building a house/vehicle for Goldilocks

Working together with my friend and sharing ideas.

Dominic used the pictures to re-tell the story in the reading corner.

Gracie-Mae wrote about the story on the whiteboard. 'Goldilocks came in the house. The Bears came in the house. Goldilocks ate the porridge. Goldilocks broke the chair. Goldilocks slept in baby Bears bed.'


Making patterns

Playing and exploring

Ready for writing!

we had a surprise visitor today, it was Goldilocks! She was very shy and quickly ran away, but she left us a letter.