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Religious Education

A walk down Faith Street


Class 7 have had a super 'Faith Week' learning all about different religions and thinking about their many similarities as well as differences.  Aleena told us lots of interesting information about her religion of Islam and brought in a prayer mat, books as well as headscarves for us to look at.  We have worked in pairs to create our own mini mosques after researching what would be found inside one.  

Throughout the week, we also took part in a Hindu dance session together with a special visitor.  Mr Mikelson came to talk to us about his religion of Judaism whilst Mrs Majeed gave us more information about her religion of Islam.  We also spent time exploring our Christian values of compassion, love, friendship, peace, hope and trust and how we can live these values in our everyday life. 

It has been a really interesting week and it has been lovely to see how curious the children have been in finding out all about different religions as well as reflecting on their own beliefs and thoughts.


We have made our own Christingles so that we fully understand the Junior Christmas Performance in Church. We know that the orange symbolizes the world and the red ribbon is Jesus' love around the world. The red reminds us of his blood and how he died for us. The sweets remind us of God's gifts especially through the 4 seasons.


After we had made our Christingles, we sang 'Hope of Heaven' and then lit our candles to have a moment of quiet private prayer. We wrote some of our thoughts and wishes for people who we know and love or for people we don't know especially in war torn parts of the world.

The Nativity story


We created shadow puppet shows to demonstrate all we have learned in our Science topic of 'Light'.  Rhys, James and Matthew chose to retell the story of the Nativity using their shadow puppets.  They did a marvellous job!


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Classes 7 and 8 were visited by Mr Bloom, who came to talk to us about his religion of Judaism.  He told us all about the special festival of light called Hanukkah, which is celebrated by Jewish people.  First of all, he told us the story of Hanukkah and why it is such an important festival.  He then introduced us to some of the special traditions that Jewish people take part in to celebrate.  We played a special game with a spinning top called a dreidel or sevivon.  Then we got the opportunity to light the Menorah and reflect on why light is so important across many religions.  Finally, Mr Bloom kindly shared some traditional Hanukkah treats- doughnuts cooked in oil, as a reminder of the oil in the Temple menorah.  We all learned a lot of new facts about the festival and enjoyed meeting our special visitor.
Listening to the story of Hanukkah.
Playing the dreidel game.
Which way will it land?
Lighting the special Menorah.
Wearing a Jewish kippah.
Special Hanukkah treats.


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