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English Activity - 03.04.20


Today's English lesson linked to Lego! How would you feel if you woke up to find you live in a world made of Lego?

SPAG Activity - 03.04.20 - Can you spell our tricky words correctly by playing this game?

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Here is a fantastic YouTube channel for practising the phonics sounds we learn in class.

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English Activity - 02.04.20

It's time to get your creative thinking hats on! For today's activity, I would like you to imagine what it would be like to have a robot friend! What would you do with them? Where would you go? Would they have a name? I would love to hear them! I have created a special "I am working really hard at home during Covid 19" dojo that I will give out to each child who sends me their challenge!

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SPAG Activity 01.04.20 - Can you underline adjectives and nouns? Can you test your family to see if they know what the difference is?

English Activity 01.04.20

Can you read these information texts and answer the questions? 

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English Activity 31.03.20

Can you write a letter to your friend or family member that you are missing? It is lovely to receive a letter in the post; you could post it when you are out on your daily exercise.


Remember to make sure you have used:

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Finger spaces
  • Small letters.
  • Correct letter formation.


After every sentence remember to ask yourself,

  • Does it make sense?
  • Can I “upgrade” any of the words?
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How did you do this week in your spellings? Did you have a test? Did you test your family?

This weeks spellings are as follows:

Here is a "phonopoly" game board (a phonics version of monopoly) that you can play with you child. This is a fun way of them practising their phonics sounds!)

English Activity 30.03.20

Re-watch the video from last week, the young boy builds himself a rocket and it takes him to school. Last week, you designed and described your own rocket. Today I would like you to describe where your rocket takes you. Don't forget everything we walk about in class.

*Finger spaces
*Capital letters
*Full stops
*Size of your letters
*Re-reading your work back - does it make sense?

I would love to hear about the journey your rocket takes you on!


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English Activity 27.03.20


Watch this video

A young boy builds himself a rocket and sends himself off to Space. He lands on a far away planet. His spaceship breaks down, a friendly alien lands and he breaks down too. The little boy parachutes to earth to get some tools to fix the ship. He gets back by way of a huge ladder, fixes the machines and then they both fly off.

Activity: Can you draw your own rocket and write a description of it?

Next week we will have some more writing activities linked to this video.

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Have a go at identifying adjectives in this fun YouTube video! Don't let the nouns catch you out! Before you start, why don't you see if your parents know the difference between a noun and an adjective!

English Activity 26.03.20

Here is the story of "The Gruffalo". Can you read the story and answer the questions?

English Activity - 25.03.20

An activity where the children can write a prayer to thank somebody who is helping the fight COVID 19, or somebody that is ill.

Lots of different activities linked to English lessons. All resources you need are within the document. 

SPAG- 25.03.20  Can you underline the capital letters and full stops? 

English Activity 24.03.20

Here is an example of how we can "stretch" or "improve" a sentence. Can your child write their own improved sentence? I would love to read them!

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Here is a document with an activities linked to an English lesson. All the resources are within the document.