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We, as a key stage, have started to look at 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' book

written by Sarah Roberts. 

The book is all about plastic pollution and its serious affects on the ocean and the wildlife

who live in it. 


We were lucky enough to have Sarah come visit us and talk to us about her job and a naturalist. 

She has visited many countries and worked with some of the world's most dangerous animals. 


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September 2019

We have started the year with a reading challenge. We are part of District 9, along with 3 other primary school in the area. We have been given My Naughty Little Sister collection to read and enjoy. 


As a class, we have chosen to write our very own story, that could be put into the collection. 

We have been working very hard and focusing on really powerful adjectives. Each child has created their own ‘naughty sibling’ to write about. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading these stories and creating our own. 



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