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Fun Food Chef

"Yes Chef!"

What a fabulous experience - we cooked a British menu based on local produce.

We started with each baking a mini cottage loaf and squeezed lemons to make lemonade.

We chopped swede, carrot and onion to accompany pork with onion and sliced apple.

We mixed a lovely Eton Mess; fruit, creme fraiche and crushed meringues - yummy!

Surprisingly, the seasonal vegetables were sprinkled with curry powder and it made them scrummy! So many of us had never tasted swede before and we loved it.

Picture 1 The chef
Picture 2 Recipe for mini cottage roll
Picture 3
Picture 4 Making the roll
Picture 5 Roll a large sphere and then a small
Picture 6 Like a snowman body and head
Picture 7 We kneaded another batch of dough
Picture 8 We mixed yeast and water
Picture 9 It started to rise
Picture 10 Now for squeezing the lemons
Picture 11 We used a lemon zester
Picture 12 Next we chopped the vegetables
Picture 13 Bite-size pieces please!
Picture 14 Pork with apple slices
Picture 15 We blitzed the lemonade with ice
Picture 16 Crushed meringue with fruit and cream
Picture 17 Eton Mess
Picture 18 Time to tuck in!
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22 Yummy!
Picture 23 Kodi loved the swede
Picture 24 First to get the lolly pop!
Picture 25 Fab-u-lous!